Pelican Coolers

Pelican Coolers seem like a small brand but what they possess is beyond what people can imagine. With their headquarters located in Richmond, Virginia, they have accomplished a lot over the years, and are ready to do more for Side x Side owners. Now, they are not involved with UTV parts like many others, but their primary focus is manufacturing a unique UTV accessory which is the Elite Coolers. The Coolers have been designed to fit in properly in your Polaris RZR, so you don’t have to worry when you are on the field. Every racer needs water to drink after a strenuous and successful activity, and to make things more convenient, Elite coolers were manufactured.

Pelican coolers have been around for years, and have manufactured some of the coolers people use at home. So, they thought: “Why can’t we make this same quality Elite coolers for Side x Side to save the stress of having to stop by each minute to get refilled?” The pelican coolers are lightweight, and portable which makes them easy to carry in a Polaris RZR without adding too much weight. Many people get discouraged when extra weight is added, but this cooler is a little different.

The brand doesn’t only make coolers, but other UTV accessories like bags, drinkware, dry boxes, etc. which all meet a racer’s needs. For instance, the bag can be used to hold various items, the drinkware can be used to hold the elite cooler or bottle in place. This is definitely what the brand aims at doing, and it does so with a team of professionals who are either into customer service or manufacturing process.

However, one needs to sign in to be a beneficiary of their platform, and that doesn’t take too much time. Why not be a racer who came prepared on the field with all equipment and accessories in place for a nice track event. Pelican Coolers has got you covered on basic essentials, so you don’t have to worry. At least, you can be among the top 5 racers that has it all.

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