Axiom Side by Side is a part of a larger company -Tri-State Fabricators, Inc. This company would be considered to have literary started from scratch and grown to be the company it is now. Tri-State Fabricators has its beginnings in 1983 in Madisonville, Ohio with its first operations in an old milk factory. With a limited amount of equipment and space, its pioneers chose to start the company there and progressively grow. Something incredible and worth noting is the fact that even with such constraints, they did not compromise their products. Their work ethic remained a priority and ultimately expanded to serve UTV enthusiasts globally.

The founders had a limited amount of space and equipment at that time but they made up for this with a great work ethic and quality products. Over time, they were able to move to a bigger building of about 125000 square foot and with top-notch fabricating equipment as well as high-level technology. This allowed them enough time and opportunity to take their customer delivery to another level – researching and redesigning the most efficient accessories to ensure a high performing Polaris RZR. The amazing side by side aftermarket accessories you see today are as a result of sweat and tears, patience and commitment.

Today you can get enough products from Axiom Side by Side to remain at the top of the game. The Axiom low body roofs are stylish and exceptionally durable not to mention they give you a wide body coverage for your UTV. You can also get the Axiom Outlaw that will keep you driving fast and also dry. While we have given you just two UTV accessories, there are many others. And the good thing is, regardless of the product, you can be assured it has met the highest quality standards. So you can ride your Polaris RZR with confidence and full assurance of your safety.

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