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Achieve less unsprung weight with aluminum Polaris RZR wheels, more ground clearance with 15” Polaris RZR wheels, and the ability to run lower tire pressures without the bead coming off with Polaris RZR beadlock wheels! No matter what you’re after in a Polaris RZR rim or Polaris RZR wheel set, we’re sure to have it here at Everything Polaris RZR!

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When it comes to impressing the girls, you got to have the right look. Add a set of UTV Wheels from Everything Polaris RZR and you will have gone from invisible to front and center! When you want the perfect size to impress all the ladies, look no further than our wide inventory of 12, 14, 15,  and 18 inch UTV Wheels. Guaranteed to turn heads, these wheels are custom made for your Side x Side by brands you trust like SuperATV!  Stylish, affordable, and a total babe magnet – that’s what you will experience when you upgrade your Polaris RZR today! We know Polaris RZR accessories, and we know that these UTV Wheels Accessories are some of the highest quality wheels on the market! Experience the difference today!

Wild out with custom wheels that enhance the look of your Polaris RZR. No matter what look you’re going for, big, bulky and badass or sleek and sophisticated, you can find it at Everything Polaris RZR. You can find 14 inch H-Series Bandit Wheels (with 3/8 inch and 12 mm studs) for your RZR XP 1000, 14-Inch Healy Fast Series Beadlock Wheels for your RZR XP Turbo or Aluminum Rear Wheel (Black Chrome Gloss) for your RZR-S 1000. These wheels are available in a plethora of colors, sizes, styles, and finishes that are sure to catch your eye and compliment your machine. We carry the principal brands in high-quality aftermarket accessories such as DragonFire, Pro Armor, STI Powersports, and Moose so we know you won’t be disappointed with your options. Get custom wheels for your side by side from Everything Polaris RZR. You’ll be glad you did!

When it comes to RZR wheels, not all are created equal. The size of the wheels alone can make a big difference in the overall drivability of the bike. But things like the material used, offset, spacing, and bolt patterns are also factors worth considering. Beadlock wheels have gained popularity in recent years. Wheels with bead lock mechanism use bolts around the edges of the wheel to secure the tire in place, making sure that it is tightly in place and won’t move no matter what you’re riding over. MSA’s locking 30x13 wheels are an example of a true beadlock wheel. Throw on X Roxx DD and you’ve got an RZR wheel and tire combination that will take you anywhere. 

You can run a variety of wheels on the Polaris RZR that aren’t necessarily RZR wheels or even Polaris wheels. You may even find that car wheels can work, so long as the size and bolt patterns fit. But even if the bolt patterns don’t align, RZR wheel adapters can be used so that you can run any style of wheel on your RZR. Get wheel adapters to run RZR 1000 wheels on an RZR 800, or adapters to put Ranger wheels on an RZR. And not only do wheel adapters allow you to run non-matching wheels, but they also act as wheel spacers, widening the width of the machine and lowering the center of gravity in the process. 

If you don’t need a full set of wheels, but rather some RZR wheel components, we’ve got those as well. Things like wheel bearings are always getting dinged up and broken. We usually suggest to only replace your wheel bearings with Polaris bearings. Keep them greased about every two rides or even every ride if you ride in water a lot. Replacing them can be a bit tricky, as you must remove the snap ring and have them pressed out and pressed back in. Beating on them will result in a damaged bearing. You might also find that the rotor won’t come off when you’re trying to replace the wheel bearing. Lightly tap on it with a rubber or plastic hammer, it will come off. And if you grease up the splines when you put your new wheel bearing back on, it will be much easier to remove next time. You'll get about 12 awesome full pumps of grease in there, so keep on pumping until it starts coming out. Most wheel bearing kits come with grease, but it’s oftentimes not enough so you may have to buy more.

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