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From aftermarket racing seats and ACE booster seats to Polaris ACE seat brackets and double seat mods, at Everything Polaris RZR, our selection of Polaris Sportsman seats is unrivaled. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a simple seat replacement or a second-generation RZR seat, with an aftermarket seat base bracket, you can put almost any seat you want on your ACE. Many riders have reached out with complaints about the stock ACE seats, telling us how flimsy the stock seat is and explaining their thoughts on why Polaris should have sprung for a better seat on the ACE. Luckily for them, swapping out the seat isn’t difficult. You can get a spring ride seat from PRP customs, or throw on a suspension seat bracket by Desertcraft to be able to install a UTV seat of your choosing. We’ve even seen two-seater conversions made for the Polaris ACE using a bus seat and some steel framing mounted to the nerf bars. However, this required the owner to make the gear select a little further out.


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Many ACE owners -- especially those with the 325cc ACE -- buy them with the aim of letting their children drive. The ACE seat, however, is slightly prohibited in this regard. You can install two pieces of flat stock steel under the seat tracks to be able to move the seat forward, but this still doesn't solve the height issue, and your kid might still be too low to see over the dash. An easy solution is to simply put a pillow or seat cushion on then throw a seat cover over it -- far easier than welding on two-inch tubing and making an extended seat track. In a similar DIY vein, you can also make your own seat brackets instead of buying them. Using the stock brackets, drill holes one inch out from the stock holes and use rivnuts to secure the seat. However, because ACE seat brackets are so cheap, it might not be worth it to make them yourself unless you really enjoy that kind of thing. Once you have the correctly-sized seat bracket, you can swap over an RZR seat, a Ranger seat, and even a seat from the Can-Am X3. Whatever you’re looking for in a Polaris ACE seat, at Everything Polaris RZR, we’ve got the UTV seat to meet your needs.

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