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Find the Polaris RZR replacement parts you're looking for and pick up everything from Polaris RZR replacement batteries to Polaris RZR replacement plastics from Everything Polaris RZR! We’ve got CV boot replacements for the Polaris RZR 800, replacement springs for the Polaris RZR 1000, and replacement Polaris RZR headlight bulbs for the Turbo-edition Razor!

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Having spare belts and other extra parts around the house is smart for quick turnaround times if and when you damage a part on your RZR. But carrying spare parts with you on the trail is even smarter -- especially if you’re riding solo in places like Colorado, South Dakota, or Wyoming, where it’s not uncommon to be out over 100 miles away from camp without any sign of people. Packing some extra axle ball joints, a spare belt, tire plugs, a spare radiator cap, some fuses, wire, and tools to remove and replace parts is a good place to start. But the further out you go, the more you may want to consider packing. An air compressor and plugs, a quart of oil, tow straps, a spare tie rod, spare bolts, cotter pins, and spare relays for the fuel pump, EPS, lights, etc can bring added peace of mind when you’re 100 miles from camp, the sun is going down, and the temps start to drop below freezing. The list can be a mile long, but the aforementioned spare parts should be compulsory if you’re not riding in a group. Depending on the length and duration of your ride, however, some of these spare RZR parts may not be necessary. But as the saying goes, proper planning prevents poor performance.

Replacing parts due to wear and tear just can’t be avoided. Make quick work of it with replacement parts from Everything Polaris RZR. We have all of the parts that you need to get your Polaris RZR back in tip-top shape. You can get a Bosch T-Map Sensor Pigtail Harness Repair Kit for your RZR XP 1000, a Front and Rear Wheel Bearing Installation or Removal Press Tool for your RZR XP Turbo, or a Fuel Pump Sending Unit Rebuild Kit with Pump and Regulator for your RZR-S 1000. We also carry parts like Plastic Body Rivet Pliers Tools and Rivets, Billet Primary Clutch Covers with Bearings and Foot Brake Master Cylinder Reservoirs and Caps among many others. If there’s a part that you need to fix your Polaris RZR, we have it! We carry only the best brands in aftermarket UTV accessories so no matter what you choose, it's always top-quality. Get replacement parts for your side by side from Everything Polaris RZR.

If you’re after an RZR 800 bottom end rebuild kit with an aftermarket crankshaft, all the appropriate gaskets, as well as the primary seals and bearings, you’ve come to the right place. If you need a top end rebuild for your RZR 900, we can hook you up with that as well. From lapping the valves and installing the valve stem seals to setting the valve lash and installing the ignition cover, if you’re rebuilding your engine (be it an RZR 800 bottom end rebuild, an RZR 900 top end rebuild, or a Turbo RZR complete engine rebuild) we have the Polaris RZR parts and components for your side-by-side’s engine. Not only that, but we have RZR parts for the drivetrain, powertrain, electrical system and nearly every other Polaris RZR structure.  

Things like Polaris RZR 800 tie rods are a must, as they are responsible for transmitting the force generated in the steering rack onwards to the steering knuckle -- thereby causing the wheels of your UTV to turn. Similar to RZR 800 s tie rods and other RZR tie rods, RZR carrier bearings also help transfer power -- the main difference being that the carrier bearing supports the drive shaft, which takes power from the transmission to the vehicle’s rear differential and rear wheels. But unlike the RZR outer tie rod which can be adjusted to set the UTV’s alignment angle, the RZR 1000 carrier bearing and other UTV carrier bearings stay fixed as they do their job within the machine. 

If you ride your 1000cc UTV hard, you may want to consider an RZR 1000 transmission upgrade, RZR 1000 bushings to replace the old ones, as well as other things like ball joints. RZR 800 ball joints are also notorious for going bad, so changing and replacing those often is very prudent if you want to extend the life of your machine. Regarding the transmission, a good thing to do periodically -- and especially if your machine is making strange noises -- is to check the transmission oil with a magnet to see if there are metallic particles floating around in there. This is probably the case if you’re getting that crunchy sound emanating from your transmission. If this is happening to your RZR you should definitely check your calipers for debris as well as all your drive components, just to rule that out. Same noise happened to a friend of the site who had stones and mud in their calipers. Luckily he got them out before any major damage occurred.

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