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Lighting and Electrical

From light bar floods and spotlights to cab lights, front lights, and backup lights, when it comes to illumination in the Polaris ACE, we’ve got you covered. The lighting you choose for your ACE will depend on your particular needs, but many riders prefer the ease and functionality of a light bar. Compared to the Polaris-branded light bars -- which will set you back around $300 for a 10” er -- a light bar from your local Tractor Supply costs less than half that. But even this option isn’t the cheapest, and they don’t come with a switch or wire harness. Light bars by companies like Aux Beam and Race Sport Lighting are easier to install and much brighter than the Tractor Supply lights. And even if the cheaper brands don’t last quite as long, the way many riders look at it is that if there is an issue, they could buy more than five of cheaper light bars for the price of a name brand one. You could put one on the back, one on the front, one on each side, and still have one left over as a spare. Although you may not have all the features and functions of a higher priced light bar -- such as an amber mode for daylight riding, flood mode for high multi-directional visibility, and spot mode for singular visibility at a distance -- the mid-range ACE light bars are good enough for most circumstances. If you really want a nice, super bright light bar for your Polaris ACE, Arsenal Offroad’s 21” Projector Pro Optic Single Row Light Bar is both slim and super bright. It projects out about 1000ft and can withstand a beating. A friend of the site has one and hits it with a pressure washer regularly with no issues. Many ACE owners prefer the way it looks as well, way sleeker than the bulky multi-row 3-watt LED bars. As far as where to mount your light bar, we’ve seen people put them below the roof with u-bolts, putting rubber around the u-bolts to save the cage from scratch. If you have a front bumper you could mount your light bar there, and if you have a 23” light bar you can make it fit by bending the brackets a bit.

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Although a bit more demanding in terms of installation, aftermarket backup lights, front lights, and cab lights are all a possibility for the Polaris ACE. If you choose to deck your rig out with lights, you might want to use a 6-spot fuse block. Start by cutting all the wires to length, solder them together, then heat shrink. Once that is done, wire loom everything and add waterproof connects for all lights, making sure to test regularly with a test light to ensure everything works properly. Many ACE riders love cab lights because they illuminate the inside from behind the driver so they can see everything in their lap and dash area. If you’re blowing a fuse and you suspect the lights are the culprit, start by following the wires, as you most likely have a short somewhere. The plug for the lights could be corroded, or perhaps the light socket could be to blame. Whatever you need, be it replacement ACE light parts and DIY lighting kits or lightbulbs, light bars, and dome lights for your Polaris ACE, you name it, we’ve got it!

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