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  • How To Soundproof Your Polaris RZR

    Some folks like their RZRs ear-piercingly loud, while others prefer a ride that is peaceful and silent. If you’re in the latter camp, there are several ways to achieve quiet tranquility when riding your Polaris RZR. Noise-canceling headphones are one option, or you could just blast your music at 110db to overwhelm the noise emanating from your side-by-side. Starting Line Products (SLP) make slip-on mufflers / silencers for some editions of the Polaris RZR, and the Cool Cab Kit by Wolfsnout is a great solution for both thermal and acoustic insulation. From Polaris RZR sound dampening sheets and acoustic materials to noise reduction kits for the Polaris RZR, RZR 4, and RZR Turbo, here is what you must know to soundproof your Polaris RZR! 

    Polaris RZR Sound Deadening Products

    The Polaris RZR is a noisy beast as is; but if you add things like Polaris RZR cab enclosure kits, aftermarket Polaris RZR exhausts, and Polaris RZR engine performance accessories, your Razor can become nearly deafening. So if you’re after a way to reduce the decibels in the cockpit, things like Butyl automotive sound deadeners and noise-absorbing foam dampeners are a great way to go about it.

    Without any Polaris RZR noise deadeners, the average RZR driver will experience a loudness level of 80db when the machine is at idle -- with the back-seat riders experiencing 75 decibels. Near the floorboards, however, nearly 90db of sound is emitted from the Polaris RZR. Anything above 85db can be harmful to your ears, and the longer you expose yourself to loud noises, the greater the chances are that permanent hearing damage will occur. 

    Products like the 80mil FatMat by Kilmat, the 70mil Rockmat by Rockville, and the various-sized heat, vibration, and noise dampeners by Dynamat are all solid options to decrease in-cab noise. You can place Polaris RZR sound deadening products in the center console, install them under the floor, or apply them to your whole Polaris RZR tub! And although some sound dampening materials are meant for metal surfaces, as long as you properly prep your plastics and give them a good wipe-down with alcohol -- as well as heat them up beforehand in the oven or with a blowtorch -- you should be good to go. 

    Covering your battery box and fuel pump with acoustic foam is a good idea, and applying sound deadening material to your doors and roof will also help to mitigate both heat and noise. Add a rear window, some GBC Mongrels, as well as an exhaust silencer and you’ll be ready to start creeping around in near silence! 

    Muffling The Polaris RZR

    If it sounds like a group of pissed off Hondas Civics are chasing you down whenever you drive your Razor, a muffler or exhaust silencer will definitely help. Polaris RZR quiet cores are available from companies like Aftermarket Assassins and Empire Industries, while the electric cut-out exhaust by Evolution Powersports (EVO) offers the best of both worlds by giving you the option to open or close the straight-pipe “Captain’s Choice” exhaust via the flip of a switch. Additionally, HMF Racing also sells a Polaris RZR exhaust that is much quieter than the stock option, which enters in one header, elbows out and into another, then exits on the right side of the machine. If all else fails, you can always take your rig to a muffler shop and to get a supplemental muffler or spark arrestor clamped onto the stock exhaust to make it super quiet for hunting or riding in noise-restricted areas.

    Final Comments

    Be it Polaris RZR street tires for less rumble on the blacktop, Polaris RZR mufflers to reduce exhaust noise, or a Polaris RZR noise reduction kit to lessen the intensity of sound pressure in the cabin area, there are several ways to preserve your hearing and avoid harm to your inner ear by soundproofing your Polaris RZR! While ear muffs and ear plugs are nice to have in some situations, they can be annoying at best and completely distracting at worst when you’re behind the wheel. So if the loudness of your UTV has got you all hot and bothered, it’s high time you get up and do something about it!

  • Weighing In On The Dimensions Of The Polaris RZR Lineup: Weight, Height, Width, And Length

    In some cases, bigger is better. But when it comes to the size of your Polaris RZR, it really depends on the applications and intended use. All else being equal, getting a heavy edition of the Polaris RZR fully accelerated and up to speed will take longer. That being said, a lighter and more agile Polaris RZR S 800, S 900, or S 1000 won’t have the same cargo and passenger capacity as a 4-door Polaris RZR model. On top of performance, things like trail width restrictions, trailer size limitations, and fuel efficiency are also important factors to examine. But no matter what your riding style is like and regardless of the terrain preferences you may have, here are some things you should know about the weight, height, width, and length of Polaris' RZR sport UTV lineup!

    Polaris RZR Weight

    The dry weight of a stock Polaris RZR can range from 532 pounds -- the weight of the RZR 170 EFI -- to 2,026 pounds -- the weight of the RZR PRO XP 4. The weight of your Polaris RZR will also increase as you start adding aftermarket accessories. In addition to affecting the sag, stiffness, and rebound of your vehicle’s suspension system, the weight of your Polaris RZR will also dictate your recovery options. As a general rule, the winch you use should be capable of pulling at least double the weight of your machine. So for those with, say, a Turbo S 4 Velocity RZR that weighs in at 1,943 pounds, something like a 2,500 Lb Warn winch just isn’t going to cut it. Although a snatch block could be used to augment the power of your off-road winch, with a heavier RZR edition, a winch with at least 4,500 Lbs of pulling power is advised.

    Although it is important to understand the implications of weight with regards to stock Polaris RZRs, one thing about the weight of a Razor, is that it usually doesn’t stay the same for long. A majority of riders slap on aftermarket Polaris RZR accessories as soon as they can afford them, with bigger tires and bigger wheels being among the most popular aftermarket accessories for the Polaris RZR. With bigger tires and larger wheels comes more unsprung weight, and with more unsprung weight comes more rotating mass for the clutch and transmission to deal with. Polaris engineers designed the Polaris RZR clutch for the weight of the stock tires and wheels. So by adding unsprung mass to your rig, you increase the likelihood of clutch issues if you don’t also add a clutch kit or adjust the clutch weights and clutch springs.

    Polaris RZR Height

    When discussing the height of the Polaris RZR, two measurements are important to think about: ground clearance and total height. Regarding the former, things like Polaris RZR bracket lifts, Polaris RZR suspension lifts, and Polaris RZR portal gear lifts are often used to achieve more ground clearance. Add a metal roof, a winch bumper, and a cargo rack to your RZR and you’re sure to experience a loss in ground clearance. But with one of the aforementioned Polaris RZR lift kits, you can counteract, and even reverse the effects that heavy accessories have on your machine's ground clearance. 

    Tender springs and Polaris RZR Aid Tenders can also be used to recover ground clearance after excessive weight is added to your vehicle. But although RZR Aid Tenders are great for getting the vehicle's stance right, significant ride improvements can be gained from things like SDI crossover rings and true dual-rate springs. Getting the spring rates optimized for your particular setup as well as your riding style is crucial. And while sending your shocks into a place like Walker Evans or Shock Therapy to have them revalved will bring about large performance gains and incredible plushness, at that point, you’re already spending nearly half of the cost of a new set of Fox Shocks. So if you ride fast and over rough terrain, Fox Shocks for both a smooth ride as well as more ground clearance might be the better setup. 

    If the top of your machine is too tall, you can back off the preload in your shocks to lower the UTV's total height. Your radius rods and axles should have a slight downward angle for maximum travel without bottoming out under throttle, and your Razor should be 13-14” off the ground with stock Bighorn tires installed for an ideal ride quality. Too low and you’ll see your shocks bottoming out on whoops and rocks before they should, creating a harsh ride with less travel. With some limit straps, however, you can prevent your shocks from bottoming out on full droop, while still lowering the preload enough to achieve the desired height. 

    After adding bigger tires and a lift kit, you might get tired of your Polaris RZR roof constantly smacking down tree limbs on the trail. Modifying your rig to make it taller might also be problematic if you've got an enclosed trailer or short-ceiling garage / storage shed. So if you want to reduce your RZR’s total height without diminishing its ground clearance, cage chops and aftermarket roll cages might be right for you. With the right reinforcement braces, chopping the stock cage down to size is a viable option. But if you lack the tools, experience, or know-how to conduct metal fab work, companies like UTV Inc., TMW Offroad, and CageWRX offer aftermarket Polaris RZR cages that are considerably shorter than stock. The Super Shorty or Baja Spec by CageWRX, for example, will not only lower your vehicle’s total hight, but it will also make your bike more sleek, streamlined, and aerodynamic! 

    Polaris RZR Width

    According to the laws of physics, the shorter your RZR wheelbase is, the more topheavy it will be. Where stability is concerned, the wider your RZR is, the better. Polaris RZR wheel spacers can be used to widen the stance of your side-by-side, and so too can offset wheels. A Trail & Rock edition of the RZR XP 1000, for example, will be 68” in the front with 5+2 wheels instead of 64”, while wheels with a more aggressive offset can widen Non-Turbo RZRs to over 70 inches. 

    Go too wide with spacers or offset rims, however, and you’ll not only lose the ability to traverse windy wooded trails, but you might also limit your access to width-restricted trail systems. Some trails only allow access to vehicles under 72” wide, while others have max width limits of 68” and even 62”. Knowing which ORV trails have enforced maximum widths can save you a bunch of hassle. And if you’re right on the cusp, perhaps widening your UTV for better balance isn’t the best idea for where you live.

    Polaris RZR Length

    Polaris RZR 4 models will obviously be longer than their two-door counterparts, but at 122” long, even the two-door Polaris RZR High Lifter is nearly as long as the RZR 4 800 (which measures 130 inches in total length). Aside from passenger capacity and cargo room, the length of your RZR will also affect its turning radius. With things like Polaris RZR steering stops installed, your machine’s turning radius will be horrible, regardless of whether you’ve got a two-door or four-door unit. Remove your steering stops, however, and you increase the likelihood of axle damage -- especially when backing up at full turn. 

    Unlike width, height, and weight, there are few ways to increase or decrease the length of your Polaris RZR. Forward a-arms and extended trailing arms can move your wheels further forward / backward, and bed extenders / tow hitches can lengthen the vehicle as well. But as far as the chassis length goes, you’re pretty much stuck with what you’ve got -- so making the right choice from the beginning is crucial!

  • A Look Inside Polaris RZR Air Filters And Particle Separators

    The Polaris RZR air filter is an often under-appreciated component that is absolutely instrumental to both engine performance and engine protection. And while cleaning or replacing your stock Polaris RZR air filter is one thing, swapping your machine's air filter out with an aftermarket alternative or adding something like a particle separator, a pre-filter, or an outerwear cover to the mix is a different thing entirely. Achieving that delicate balance between filtration and airflow can be tricky, and with so many air filter options out there for the RZR Pro, RZR XP, and RZR Turbo, it’s easy to be confused about when to change your Polaris RZR air filter, why to change your Polaris RZR air filter, and which Polaris RZR air filter performs best under specific circumstances. But whether you’ve got an RZR Turbo that you ride competitively on dusty off-road tracks, or an RZR 1000 XP that sees its fair share of sand at the dunes, below is everything you need to know about Polaris RZR air filters, Polaris RZR air cleaners, and Polaris RZR particle separators!

    Polaris RZR Air Intake Issues

    You could be using a futuristic Polaris RZR air filter with new-age technology that blocks every last speck of dust and sand, but if there’s a crack, leak, or loose fitting in your intake system somewhere behind the filter, it won’t matter a lick what kind of air filter you’re running. In addition to using accordion-style sections that disturb airflow, the factory Polaris RZR air intake tubes are also prone to leak. Instead of using a silicone rubber conduit like the aftermarket J-Tube system by EVO Powersports, the plastic material used to make the stock Polaris RZR air intakes does not positively seal. Furthermore, parts of the factory intake system can also crush when exposed to high volumes or extreme temperatures, which then allows particles to infiltrate the intake air.

    If your air filter is super dirty but there are almost no particles of dust on the inside of the intake tubes, you probably have a leak. To know for sure, you can smoke test your intake system with a vacuum or EVAP tester to determine where, if at all, the leak is located. You can use a pressurized smoke machine to do it at home, or take your bike to a mechanic who does that kind of work. Ensuring that the intake boots are solid and the air filter is properly sealed is important, but you should also check your filter and intake after every ride for downstream contamination. If there is no debris downstream of the air box until the intake boots, than that is likely the source of the leak.

    Stock Vs. Aftermarket Polaris RZR Air Filters

    Polaris uses Donaldson air cleaners in their RZR lineup because they’re among the best in the business. Look at any commercial piece of heavy equipment and you’ll likely see a Donaldson air filter in there. But if you’ve ever serviced farm equipment with Donaldson air filters, you’ll rarely see any dust beyond the filter. Something to consider when debating which Polaris RZR air filter to use is the vehicle’s warranty. Many dealers will try to void your warranty if you use an aftermarket Polaris RZR air filter that hasn't been approved by Polaris. But if you've already modified your rig with lift kits and large tires, your warranty might already be null and void.

    Knock-off paper air filters like the ones you might find on Amazon or Ebay should be avoided at all cost. Although some might be identical to the stock Polaris RZR air filters -- and even made by the same manufacturer -- others come with quarter-inch unfiltered gaps between the paper and the housing. Use one of these and it’s just like not using a filter at all! And when it boils down to it, you’ve gotta ask yourself, is blowing your engine worth saving 25$ on an air filter?

    R2C Polaris RZR Air Filters

    Among the best aftermarket air filters for the Polaris RZR are R2C Performance filters. A large number of dirt track racers run filters like the R2C because they’re washable and reusable. And on top of being cleanable and requiring no oil, R2C filters won’t let contaminants pass through to the carb or engine valves. You can use a vacuum, an air compressor, or even a leaf blower to clean R2C air filters -- just don’t use too much power, lest you tear the element. R2C filters are also waterproof, so if they’re super dirty, you can clean them up with some Simple Green and water. Be it their OR10508 filters for your RZR XP / RZR Turbo, or their OR10513 filters for your RZR 800, the Polaris RZR air filters by R2C Performance won’t let you down!

    UNI Filter Polaris RZR Filters

    Some riders are under the impression that foam Polaris RZR air filters like the UNI Filter are garbage and will ruin the engine valve seals / rings. But if they’re oiled correctly (with something like PJ1 filter oil), maintained, and properly cleaned, you can get thousands of miles out of a UNI Filter without any issues whatsoever. Some of the air filters by UNI Filter come apart for cleaning, but you can also dip the entire filter in gasoline if you so choose and it'll come out crystal clean! If you aren’t down to clean your air filter after every ride, a disposable paper filter is your best bet. But as long as you clean it, an aftermarket Polaris RZR air filter like those by UNI Filter, S&B, and R2C are great! And when it comes to water, paper air filters just don’t cut it.

    S&B Polaris RZR Filters

    When paired with a particle separator, it’s hard to beat an S&B air filter for the Polaris RZR. They breathe better than stock filters, and are also washable with water. So long as you let it dry completely, an S&M air filter will be ready to rock! We’ll get into S&B particle separators later on in this article. 

    Polaris RZR Air Filter Outerwears, Pre-Filters And Filter-Skinz

    Products like pre-filters and outerwear covers can be used to turn an average air filter into an amazing air filter. Although the blowout process can be dusty and far from fun, Polaris RZR outerwear covers will save you from having to buy new air filters all the time. With the right outerwear, even the notoriously porous K&N filter won’t cause harm to your engine. To prevent dust from slipping past your air filter outerwear, you can put grease on the lip of your filter, spray filter oil on the inside and outside of the filter, and then spray a bit more oil on the outerwear after putting it on. 

    Polaris RZR Particle Separators

    If your ride with a crew, following a few minutes behind everyone else will allow the dust to settle before you ride through it. But if you’re the team tail gunner who isn’t afraid to go fast through limited-visibility dust plumes, do right by your rig and install a Polaris RZR particle separator. Vehicles like helicopters use particle separators for when they land in dirt fields, so you know that the nastiest of silt and dust won’t do jack against your engine with a particle separator installed. 

    You still have to take Polaris RZR particle separators apart to clean them once and a while, but you won’t have to clean / change your air filters as often with a particle separator installed.  Add a puke tank / Polaris RZR catch can with an S&B particle separator to remove the positive crankcase ventilation (PCV) vapor and your intake air will be clean as a whistle!

  • A Detailed Walkthrough Of Polaris RZR Check Engine Lights And Error Codes

    Some Polaris RZR error codes arise after tuning, while others indicate serious problems that must be taken care of immediately. And even though check engine lights / error messages on the Polaris RZR are inconvenient to say the least, ignoring them will lead to further inconveniences down the line. If you’re lucky, something as simple as a loose dash switch wire or a faulty connector will be causing your RZR to throw errors. But if you beat on your machine like a school bully with anger issues, error codes might result from more serious problems. Whatever the case may be for you and your particular situation, here is a detailed walkthrough of Polaris RZR check engine lights and error codes.

    Polaris RZR Cylinder Misfire Codes

    Polaris RZR engine error codes often appear after riders replace their belts. As such, getting the correct Polaris RZR belt replacement is crucial to avoid slippage; but this alone might still not be enough. Polaris RZR 1000 editions are particularly finicky with regards to belts, and even the slightest defect or flat spot can result in the belt slipping and an error message being thrown.

    After changing your Polaris RZR belt, fiber strands or chunks of rubber might be left behind from the old belt, which often prevents the new belt from fitting properly. Accordingly, cleaning both your new belt as well as your Polaris RZR clutch sheaves will ensure that no residual material is left behind from the old belt. Many riders scrub their RZR clutches with Scotch Bright before installing a new belt, and use Dawn dish soap on the belt itself prior to install it. Alternatively, brake cleaner can also be used to clean your Polaris RZR clutch sheaves. But if you go this route, make sure to hit everything with some rubbing alcohol afterwards, as some brake cleaners have chemicals in them that will cause the belt to slip.

    Error 65590/91/2 is a Polaris RZR misfire code that is frequently caused by a slipping belt. However, if the belt is not the issue and you actually have a misfire (and the O2 sensor code 3056 is also thrown), then you probably have a lean / rich running condition stemming from something else. The codes should clear themselves when the fault is gone and the motor has gone through 5,000 rotations. Driving around in Low will help as well, as this forces the engine to run at higher rpms.

    Ruling out the belt, the oxygen sensor, and the O2 sensor wiring harness is the best place to start. If the error codes persist, you can also replace the spark plugs or get a bypass plug / fooler. There is also another trick you can try that involves the battery to clear Polaris RZR error codes. Simply unhook the battery and touch the cable leads together to drain all the stored energy. If false positive error codes are being displayed, this should clear them.

    Polaris RZR O2 Sensor Error Code

    Another common Polaris RZR error code is 520209 5, which indicates that you either have a defective Oxygen Sensor or a short in your O2 sensor wiring / wire harness. If this code gets thrown by your RZR, start by checking all four wires that lead to and from the O2 sensor for damage, abrasion, and chafing. Check the ohms settings of each wire to ensure that the current is normal, and if everything checks out, replacing your O2 sensor -- as well as the O2 sensor plugs -- should rectify the situation.

    Common Causes Of Polaris RZR Error Codes

    Be it in the EPAS (electric power assisted steering) system, the Vehicle Speed Sensor, or the Engine Speed, a common error code that gets thrown by the Polaris RZR regardless of the specific culprit is “data erratic, intermittent, or incorrect”. A faulty chassis relay fuse can cause this, and so can a chafed, stripped, or otherwise grazed wire hitting the frame and grounding out. A shorted wire or wire harness will cause your fuse to blow instantly, which then throws a number of error codes such as 520226 - 2, 84 - 2, or 190 - 2. So instead of blowing a bunch of money on brand new parts and equipment, the best course of action for such error codes is to check for short circuits, corrosion, and uncoupling in the vehicle's relays, wire harnesses, and the wires themselves.

    Closing Thoughts On Polaris RZR Error Codes And Check Engine Lights

    Whether Polaris RZR error codes have got you stuck in limp mode, or they’re having no noticeable effect on your RZR, you should neither ignore error codes nor freak out about them when they appear. Things like injector connections can cause error codes to be thrown, along with a dozen other things like map sensors, cam chain tensioners, intake leaks, exhaust leaks, and fuel pump issues. It can be infuriating to diagnose and correct the underlying issues that cause error codes and check engine lights. But with persistence, determination, and willpower -- as well as the help of a place like Everything Polaris RZR -- you can overcome any Polaris RZR error code!

  • Polaris RZR Windshield Wipers: What You Must Know

    Some riders are completely fine with half windshields, helmets, and goggles when it's muddy and wet outside, while others choose to coat their full RZR windscreens with things like anti-fog spray and RainX. After all, they argue, if you drive fast enough, water and debris will blow right off your UTV’s windshield. But if you like to stay clean and dry when riding, live in a wet / snowy area, and aren’t particularly fond of blurry or obstructed fields of view, a Polaris RZR windshield wiper kit is the perfect accessory for you. 

    In some places, UTV windshield wipers are a requirement for on-road use. But even if they’re not legally mandated, Polaris RZR windshield wipers are handy to have at the ready. Be it a manual Polaris RZR windshield wiper blade or an electric dual-blade Polaris RZR windshield wiper kit, being able to see clearly when driving a sport side-by-side like the RZR is absolutely crucial. So if you’re on the fence about Polaris RZR windshield wipers, keep reading, because we’re about to evaluate the functionality, ease of installation, and cost of Polaris RZR windshield wiper kits to determine which, if any, stand out from the crowd!

    Polaris RZR Windshield Wiper Kits With Washer Fluid Pumps & Reservoirs

    Not all riders will want, or need, a Polaris RZR windshield wiper kit with sprayers. But for those with polycarbonate windshields, getting a Polaris RZR windshield wiper / washer kit is important. We’ve seen riders who’ve rigged up self-priming transfer pumps which draw water from streams to clean their vehicle's windshield in the field. While this might be excessive to some, if you’re running a polycarbonate windshield, you should have a water pump or handheld sprayer at the very least to flush abrasive dirt and mud from your windshield. 

    If you’re not careful, windshield wipers will scratch your poly windshield worse than a frightened feral cat. Using ample amounts of washer fluid, however, will help to reduce the formation of windshield scratches on your poly, plexi, or Lexan windscreens. Many riders choose to mount windshield washing fluid reservoirs under the hood of their RZR, but you can also place them under the driver’s seat next to the battery, or on the side of your bed / intercooler if you’ve got a secondary battery kit occupying the other half of your battery tray. 

    If your Polaris RZR windshield wiper assembly didn’t come with washer fluid pumps and reservoirs, there are aftermarket squirter systems that you can add separately. Or if you’ve got a glass windshield and require nothing more than a hand-driven wiper blade, companies like SuperATV and Kolpin Outdoors offer cheap yet reliable manual wiper options. 

    Non-Conventional Polaris RZR Windshield Wipers

    Rear window washers / wipers from compact cars like the Ford Escape are often retrofitted to work with UTVs like the Polaris RZR. Visit any junk yard and you’ll likely be able to find a windshield wiper with the swing rotation you want -- as well as a wiper motor to power it. Wiring in such accessories isn’t hard to do -- requiring only a ground wire, a power wire, and a switch. Fabbing up a mounting plate for the motor isn’t difficult either. 

    The hard part of such an approach is mounting the wiper blade to the motor through the windshield. Even with proper tools, drilling through a poly or glass windshield is risky business. And with windshields that cost in excess of 1000 dollars, it might behove you to pay up for a proper Polaris RZR windshield wiper kit in order to avoid destroying your expensive aftermarket windshield

    Final Thoughts On Polaris RZR Windshield Wipers

    Be it a $20 manual windshield wiper; a Polaris RZR windshield wiper kit with a 12v motor, an 18” blade, and a 90-degree wiping path; or a Polaris RZR windshield that comes with a built-in wiper kit, there are several ways to improve your visibility when riding. Laws that make windshield wipers compulsory might be why you’re after a Polaris RZR windshield wiper kit. Or, you could be tired of mud, bugs, dust, and water interfering with your line of sight. Whatever the case may be, if you shop at Everything Polaris RZR, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect Polaris RZR windshield wiper package for you, your machine, and the climate / terrain conditions where you ride!

  • Personalizing Your Polaris RZR Exterior

    If you want to personalize your UTV to achieve a more unique look, if you need your rig to blend in with the surrounding environment, or if you want to match colors / appearances with the other vehicles in your racing team, riding crew, or family, there are many ways to customize the exterior of the Polaris RZR, the RZR 4, the RZR Pro, and the RZR Turbo. Lift kits and aggressive tires can definitely alter the look of your side-by-side, and things like bumpers, fender flares, and extended vent covers will often change the profile of the machine. But if you want to really customize your Razor for a one-of-a-kind appearance, Polaris RZR exterior mods like paint jobs, body wraps, and surface coatings are the way to go. We’ll touch on each of these items / processes below to give you a better understanding of how you can personalize your Polaris RZR Exterior.

    Painting Your Polaris RZR Body Plastics

    One way to revamp the body color of your 4x4 is to simply paint it. This is easier said than done however. Although the painting process itself is relatively quick and painless, the more important part of the procedure -- prep work -- requires a fair bit of care, due diligence, and time. When you’re preparing your bike for a color change, clean, clean again, then clean some more. You can hit your plastics and RZR body panels with a maroon pad, give them a little wet sanding, and wipe them down with Armor All or 1040 oil to help the paint bond better. Take an Emery Cloth to the panels as well to get them as smooth as possible before applying the first coat of adhesion promoter.

    Do a few coats of adhesion promoter, making sure to let each prior coat dry before the next one. After that, you can prime the surfaces, paint them with a color of your choosing, and then apply a finishing clear coat. Things like automotive paint, SEM paint, and Nason’s single stage urethane paint work well on sport utility vehicles like the RZR, just make sure to mix in a flex promoter additive so that the paint doesn’t flake off or chip after years of rough impacts and constant jostling. As long as you do it right, your Polaris RZR paint job should withstand both the tests of time as well as the tribulations of the trail!

    Wrapping Your Polaris RZR

    Things like decal deletes can significantly alter the look of your Polaris RZR’s exterior. But if you want to make a dramatic change to the body of your rig that’ll make both jaws and panties drop, a vinyl wrap is a sound option to go with. Companies like Adventures In Vinyl by Murry Powersports design, create, ship, and install custom vinyl wraps for the Polaris RZR. Polaris RZR body wraps such as these aren’t hard to install, but they do take a bit of time -- especially if you’re inexperienced.

    The good UTV wrap makers out there provide detailed instructions with their wrap kits, and use color-coded templates to make it easy to tell where each piece of the wrap needs to go. Quality wraps are also quite durable, and hold up well against trees, sagebrush, and other off-road hazards. You could have bushes brush up against wrapped doors without leaving scratches, and tree limbs slide over wrapped roofs without leaving gashes. And if something does happen to your wrap job, the company you bought it from should be able to reproduce any part of it for a quick and simple fix. Body stickers are one thing, but if you want a badass bike that looks nothing like the rest, a Polaris RZR wrap will do the trick nicely!

    Finishing Touches For The Polaris RZR Exterior

    Standard cleaning products like Wet Shine, Armor All, and Pledge can give your rig a shiny aesthetic. But if you want your RZR to truly pop, hitting it with wax polishes, ceramic coatings, and high-gloss sprays like SC1 will leave it looking immaculate. And in addition to adding an appealing sheen to your UTV, many of these products also protect and even restore the look and luster of the underlying body panels

    Closing Thoughts On The Polaris RZR Exterior

    Ride your RZR how you want to ride it, go wherever it is that you want to go, and make your RZR look exactly how you want it to look. Although determinists might beg to differ, we believe that human beings were born with an innate right to make their own personal choices. So if you choose to add some style and pizzazz to your Polaris RZR exterior, we will give you nothing but positive encouragement!

  • How To Maintain, Repair, And Replace Your Polaris RZR Differentials

    In the powersports world, you’ve gotta pay to play. And with a Polaris RZR, it seems like the harder you play, the more you must pay. However, regarding Polaris RZR differentials, you can save money in the long run by paying upfront for aftermarket Polaris RZR differentials. Investing incrementally by changing your differential fluid and conducting periodic diff rebuilds where needed will also save you big time in the long run. So whether you’re looking to maintain your Polaris RZR 4 differentials, repair a damaged front or rear Polaris RZR differential, or replace your Polaris RZR differentials completely with upgraded options, spend more time riding and reduce your rig's downtime due to differential issues by heeding the advice of the off-road experts at Everything Polaris RZR!

    Checking And Changing Your Polaris RZR Differential Fluids

    You don’t have to be mud riding to accidently get water inside your Polaris RZR differentials. And if your breather tube isn’t mounted facing downward, something as innocuous as washing your Polaris RZR could push water inside the differentials. A stopped up or punctured differential vent line can also allow moisture infiltration, which makes the periodic checking of your differential fluid a necessary and important thing to do.

    If you check the Polaris RZR service manual, you’ll see that the differential fluids are meant to be changed every 100 hours or 1000 miles. For peace of mind, however, many RZR owners choose to change their machine’s differential and transmission fluid every 50 hours or 500 miles -- the same as the engine oil. How you use your UTV will also affect the wear on your differentials, and if you find yourself riding through mud and water, the periods in which you should check your differentials and change the differential fluid must be shortened. If there are leaks in the differential seals and your differential fluid is milky, rectifying the issues immediately will prevent costly repairs down the line.   

    Fixing Damaged And Sloppy Polaris Ranger Differentials

    Although it might be true that the cups in the front differentials of the Polaris RZR are designed poorly, if you ride with slop in your axles and differentials, things are most definitely going to get worse. While your Polaris RZR differentials should have a small amount of play, they shouldn’t be sloppy in the way a bad wheel bearing is. So if you’re wanting to rebuild your front Polaris RZR differentials to eliminate slop, or if you need to replace your rear Polaris RZR differentials because they’re completely shot, there are many options at one’s disposal other than replacement factory Polaris RZR differentials.

    Direct differential swaps may be possible between RZR editions, but not all RZR differentials are compatible with all RZR models. The 2020 Polaris RZR Trail and Rock edition, for example, has RZR Turbo front diffs and axles in them from the factory, but the gear ratio between the two machines is different, which makes direct differential swaps from one model to the other quite difficult. Similarly, you couldn’t swap an RS1 differential into the former machine because the RS1 has both different gearing as well as a turbo transmission. A 2020 Trail and Rock RZR has the same differential case as an XP turbo, but the ring and pinion aren't the same.

    Instead of doing direct differential swaps, your best bet might just be to upgrade the parts inside your current differential case. If you’re mechanically inclined, a front differential rebuild for the Polaris RZR isn’t too difficult. It could be that your ring and pinion are fine, and you simply broke the differential sprague or cage. But if your diffs are messed up to the extent that a Polaris RZR differential rebuild kit won’t work, then set of aftermarket Polaris RZR differentials could be what you need.

    Aftermarket Polaris RZR Differentials 

    Companies such as SuperATV make great replacement differentials for the Polaris RZR, while front drive systems by firms like Hillard provide semi-locking differentials for on-demand 4WD. And with everything from Polaris RZR differential gear cases, seal kits, and armature plates to differential roll cage spragues, roller kits, and differential bearing replacements for the Polaris RZR, Everything Polaris RZR is also a great place where folks can go to find Polaris RZR differentials and differential-related products!

  • Having Endless Family Fun With The Help Of A Polaris RZR!

    Whether you own the RZR Pro, the RZR Turbo, or the RZR XP 4-door, the Polaris RZR family riding activities you can get involved in using your side-by-side are nearly endless. While action figures, electronics, and gaming consoles are all fine and good for city slickers, the fun adventures and practical life skills learned with family members and friends during UTV rides are all things that you simply cannot obtain with the swipe of a credit card. Be it early-morning fishing trips that yield grill-ready rainbow trout, or visiting historical sights like old mines, ghost cities, and timber camps that are only accessible via off-road vehicles, the amazing family times to be had as well as the stories you’ll make along the way are memories you and your kids will cherish forever! Sure the Polaris RZR can be used for racing, rock crawling, and work-related tasks, but this multi-use machine is also perfect for all sorts of Polaris RZR family riding activities as well!

    Family-Oriented Riding Accessories For The Polaris RZR

    After you christen your machine but before you and your family embark on your first trip, the first thing you should take care of are all the requisite safety measures. Many a paterfamilias choose to augment their RZRs with more robust roll cages, 4-point harnesses, and things like side-by-side fire extinguishers as well as first aid kits for added safety. On top of all that, accessories like UTV helmets for the Polaris RZR are good to invest in as well, while off-road equipment like CB radios, dual-band radios, and handheld radios can also be used to reach out for help during times of distress.

    While multi-rig riding is always an option for large families and off-road communities, and youth-size RZRs are available to put your kids directly behind the wheel, accessories like rear bench seats and Polaris RZR bump seats that go between the two factory RZR seats are perfect for increasing the passenger capacity of your UTV. And when you’re going on extended family camping excursions, cargo-intensive day trips, or simply need more space for all your recreational equipment, storage accessories like roof racks, hitch-mounted cargo trays, and pull-behind utility trailers can carry whatever it is that you need hauled!   

    What To Do During Family Rides

    Once you’ve got your storage, safety, and entertainment accessory needs covered, you’ll be off to the races with your family chomping at the bit to get out and enjoy the great outdoors. Although riding in a side-by-side and getting into nature is a fun activity in and of itself, there are countless ways to use an RZR for family leisure. Picnics and cooking over campfires are popular activities that families can conduct with an RZR, just make sure you’ve got the right UTV cooler to keep your dings cold and prevent your perishables from spoiling. 

    Sightseeing is another pursuit that people can engage in using the Polaris RZR that is fun and entertaining for the entire family. Be it scenic overlooks, natural wonders, or historic monuments, there’s an endless amount of waypoints worth stopping for during rides. You can plan a trip with specific points of interest in mind, or simply start riding and see what you can find along the way. Whether you’re located or wanting to ride in Wisconsin, Texas, Michigan, or Utah, there’s no shortage of spectacular places to visit in a UTV across the continent! Go see some waterfalls, or visit a significant landmark. These are memories that you and your family will never forget!  

    RZR-Related Family Activities

    Some riders like to extract their families from civilization to get away from all the hustle and bustle of the city life. However there are also social UTV- and RZR-related events that are great for families of all ages, sizes, and dispositions. Mud parks, private ORV riding areas, and UTV tracks across the nation often host day-long, weekend, and holiday events with activities ranging from hill climbs, mud runs, and barrel racing, to mini games, raffles, concerts, and guided night rides. So no matter what you’re in to, you and your family can bond, enjoy time together, learn from each other, and make unforgettable memories with the help of a side-by-side like the Polaris RZR! Get out and experience more by partake in some Polaris RZR family riding activities. It really doesn't matter what you do, so long as you and your family do it together!

  • Tires Are Tires, Right?

    We know, we know – everyone wants to look cool. And while aesthetics absolutely are an important part of the UTV riding experience, when it comes to tires, performance is first. With a selection as big as ours, however, one could get vertigo just from scrolling frantically all the way through. That’s why it’s important to have filters when you’re searching for Polaris Rzr tires – both in your mind and within our catalog. What we mean is, the best way to select a Polaris Rzr tire set from Everything Polaris Rzr is to first consider how and where you will be using these bad boys. Even the highest-quality tires will still fall short in terms of power transfer efficiency if they’re used in the wrong environment. In that spirit, we’ve decided to roll out some of our favorites from different usage categories (mud, sand, all-around, and DOT-rated) to help you with this important decision.


    Some riders are tourists when it comes to the mud patch, and some UTV nuts live there. If you do find yourself frequently entrenched in sloppy muck, then it might be time to consider a set of mud tires. If that’s your aim, then we can’t tout this Polaris RZR Mudzilla 6-Ply Tire by Maxxis enough. Built with huge tread bars and a mud-specific pattern, these hearty companions will have you double-taking to make sure you’re still in the mud because they perform that well. As with most of our Polaris Rzr tire sets designed for harsh conditions, these 6-ply workhorses come with rim guards to keep that wheel safe. They’re tough, made for mud, and a great value to boot.


    Nothing deflates a day of dune-dashing like the wrong set of tires. You may be able to get away with a jaunt or two in the mud with an all-purpose set, but sand is a different beast altogether. Never fear, we have plenty of options for riders who love to play in the sand, like these Polaris RZR 14-Inch EFX Sand Slinger High Performance 4-Ply Tires by EFX Performance Tires. Designed for superior float, optimal grip in the sand, and as always, unparalleled durability, these Polaris RZR sand tires will redefine what your ride can do atop the dunes.


    Of course, many of us ATV enthusiasts don’t have the luxury of specializing in just one type of riding. Whether it’s the environment you ride in, the type of work you do, or both that is taking you through all kinds of diverse terrain, you might need a Polaris Rzr tire set that can handle a little bit of everything. For this scenario, we’ve got industry-leading solutions like these Polaris RZR Switchback Tires by Moose always on hand. These all-purpose tires come in 6- or 8-ply, and they’re made with a versatile tread pattern as well as an extra-wide footprint to provide superior traction and stability in any situation.


    Finally, if it’s street legal status that you’re after, you will likely have to get a set of DOT-rated tires (it depends on local jurisdiction requirements, but tires are often included). If that’s the case, these Polaris RZR Gripper RT 10-Ply Radial Tires by Fuel Off-Road will do much more than simply check the box. With superior tread design, durability, and wheel protection capabilities, these DOT-rated studs just might become your favorite, regardless of requirements. Did we mention they look amazing?

    Terrain isn’t the only factor in determining which type of tire you should go with, but it’s definitely up there. Of course, overall durability and value also matter a great deal, but thankfully, we don’t feature a tire of any type unless it already checks those boxes. So, set your filter for terrain and shop in confidence knowing you’re getting top-tier tires of all kinds at Everything Polaris Rzr, because if it’s not at that level, we don’t have it!

  • Everything Polaris RZR Reaches New Heights

    The ever-increasing practicality of side-by-sides in conjunction with new features, more options, and greater versatility has not only persuaded existing Polaris RZR owners to upgrade their machines, but it has also convinced non-UTV owners to jump headfirst into the off-road lifestyle. And as these newly-christened side-by-sides make their way into the homes and hearts of riders around the world, the ballooning demand for aftermarket Polaris RZR accessories increases in lockstep. The thrill seekers can now go faster, the adventurers can now go further, and the leisure riders can now ride with friends and family knowing that their safety and well-being won’t be compromised. And despite all the differences between these disparate riding groups exists a central commonality, and that is the need for sound advice, proper user guidance, and high-quality products at affordable prices. Because Everything Polaris RZR provides all these things and much more, it has sustained unprecedented rates of growth over the past few years.

    In fact, Everything Polaris RZR’s parent company, Gear Up 2 Go, ranked number 1,965 on Inc. Magazine’s list of the Top 5,000 Fastest Growing Private Companies in America during 2020, an accolade that is attributable to several key factors. Sector-wide changes such as manufacturers producing UTVs with greater passenger capacity has helped the industry broaden its target customer base. Instead of being an individual activity for diehard motor heads and adrenaline junkies, riding off-road Utility Terrain Vehicles is now something the everyday family man or woman can enjoy. Plus, through deregulations on the city, county, and state levels, the increasing on-road legalization of UTVs has led to them being used more and more as commuter vehicles and day-to-day transportation machines. Add to this features such as in cab heating / cooling, top-of-the-line speakers and stereo systems, and all the creature comforts you might find in a car or truck, and it’s little wonder why Polaris RZR sales are surging.

    In addition to our customer-centric methodology and steadfast commitment to helping Everything Polaris RZR users customize their Polaris Razors in a multitude of ways, another thing that sets us apart from the competition is our broad approach to aftermarket side-by-side customizations. Some retailers focus exclusively on speed riders, while others stick to selling parts for sand and mud riders. At Everything Polaris RZR, however, we provide products for everyone from hunters and outdoorsmen to trail riders and competitive racers. Whether you ride desert dunes, steep mountains, or thick peanut butter mud, we’ve got the domain-specific parts, components, and accessories you require to dominate on any terrain!

    Ever since the company’s founding over a decade ago, our mission has always been to provide the maximum amount of benefits to the maximum number of riders at the lowest possible cost. And under the guidance of Michael Lutes, we’ve been able to adhere to this mission through thick and thin. In his own words, Mr. Lutes was recorded saying that, “I am so proud of the amazing team we have built!  Our company is made up of 50+ people that come in every day and give 110% to serve our customers and make Gear Up 2 Go a better place to work! We have a management team that is out of this world and this award is a testament to their leadership.  Our company is not big into awards but what we are into is surpassing our customer's expectations, and this is just a recognition of that, which we are all very proud of." 

    Awards and accolades are great, but they pale in comparison to the amazing feedback we’ve received from our valued customers. As off-road enthusiasts ourselves, we love sharing our passion and helping others realize the tremendous joys that can be had from owning a Polaris RZR! 

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