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Regardless of whether you’re after Polaris RZR light bars, Polaris RZR headlights, or Polaris RZR accent lights, we’ve got the perfect Polaris RZR lighting and electrical products for you at Everything Polaris RZR. Be it Polaris RZR light switches, Polaris RZR wire harnesses, or Polaris RZR electrical connectors, quickly and easily find exactly what you require by looking at Everything Polaris RZR!
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You never want to be flying blind with your Polaris RZR. When you’re racing through winding off-road trails full of hazards like trees, boulders, and cliffs, visibility is crucial. That’s why having powerful and reliable lighting on your Polaris RZR is a must. Without good lights, you’re forced to wait until sunrise to get started on your hunting trip and cut the fun short to be home by dusk. Here at Everything Polaris RZR, you’ll find a near endless selection of some of the best side by side lighting and electrical equipment on the market. We’ve got headlights, light bars, dome lights, rock lights, light bar mounts, LED lights, rocker switches, turn signal and brake lights, and everything else you need to light up the way for your Polaris RZR like never before.

Keep your path illuminating with a UTV Lighting Accessory from Everything Polaris RZR!  Sometimes you need to illuminate your way while riding! While it’s all good to nail that deer in the dark, once you’ve bagged it, shine some light on it so you can get that perfect trophy photo of you and your kill! Whether you seek flood lights, light bars, LED lights, signal kits, or other lighting options, we have it all at Everything Polaris RZR. You don’t have to ride in the dark any longer. With powerful and long-lasting lighting options by SuperATV, DUX, and others, you’re certain to light up the night sky and be visible wherever you ride from miles away.

Installing a good light setup on your Polaris RZR is a great way to improve riding safety for you and your passengers. When riding at after dark, it’s important to stay visible not only so you can see the trail ahead of you, but also to let other riders and drivers know where you are and where you’re heading. It’s not always easy to tell where another rider is coming from, especially if there is a group of you. By using good forward lights like a light bar, head lights, or spotlights, other riders will be able to see which direction you’re going. Additionally, light strips and cube lights can offer great supplemental illumination on your Polaris RZR to make you even more visible. It’s time you do something to make your Polaris RZR fully visible and reduce the chances of a tragic nighttime accident. With a variety of UTV lighting and electrical accessories to choose from you, are guaranteed to find exactly what you are looking for. Get everything you need to light up your Polaris RZR today!

A side by side light bar is one of the most popular choices when it comes to forward illumination for the Polaris RZR. Light bars designed for use with vehicles like the Polaris RZR are specially designed to handle the abuse that comes with off-roading. The Polaris RZR 31.5 Inch ECO-Light Series Double Row LED Light Bar by Race Sport Lighting is a great example. Like most of the UTV light bars you’ll find here, this light bar features powerful, efficient, and reliable LED technology, a tough aluminum housing, and an easy to mount design. We have so many options when it comes to Polaris RZR light bars. We offer sizes ranging from 7.5” all the way up to 50”. Our light bar selection also features many different styles and designs. You can get curved light bars, single or double light bars, and multi-colored LED light bars for your Polaris RZR.

One thing stopping some Polaris RZR owners from investing in a light setup is the time and hassle they think it takes to install it. We’re here to tell you it’s a lot easier than you might think. With our selection of Polaris RZR lighting and electrical hardware and components, you’ll find everything you need to make the process as smooth as possible. We’ve got all the wiring you need such as light harnesses and busbars as well as the rocker switches you need for easy control of your new light setup. The Polaris RZR Laser Engraved Switches Kit by Modquad is one of our best sellers. This kit includes all the switches you need to power not only your Polaris RZR’s light setup but other electrical accessories such as stereos, headsets, fans, and windshield wipers. 

Light the way for your Polaris RZR with lighting and electrical from Everything Polaris RZR. Upgrade to high-quality UTV lights for your Polaris RZR so you’ll never have to stress about making it home by sunset again. You can improve your visibility while on the trail as well as customize the aesthetic of your rig with custom colored LED lights. We supply 30” Dominator 3W Double Row Kits for your Polaris RZR, 5W Dominator Cube Light and Wire Kits (1.75” Clamps) for your RZR XP Turbo, and 3” ColorADAPT Series RGB-Halo LED Flush Mounted Lights for your Polaris RZR. You can even get Windshield Light Strips, Fog Lights, and LED Lighted License Plate Holders. We also have all the electrical parts and components you may need like Laser Engraved Switches and LED Rocker Switches, Horn Kits, Jump Packs, GPS Kits, and Theft Deterrent Ignition Delay Kits. Upgrade and customize your side by side with lighting and electrical from Everything Polaris RZR.

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