If you’re on the hunt for Polaris RZR seats for sale, you’ve come to the right place; because here at Everything Polaris RZR, we not only sell Polaris RZR heated seats, Polaris RZR suspension seats, and Polaris RZR racing seats, but we also offer great deals on Polaris RZR bucket seats, Polaris RZR bump seats, and Polaris RZR bench seats! So regardless of whether you need Polaris RZR seats for big guys, or Polaris RZR bed seats for extra passenger capacity, our selection of Polaris RZR sets won’t let you down!
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Get the protection you need at a price you love when you install a UTV seat from Everything Polaris RZR! We all love having a good time out there, slinging mud, climbing rocks, making rooster tails! Keep yourself and your riders seated comfortably and fully protected in case of roll over!   Upgrade to the best in class safety products and get back to your thrill-seeking adventure! Purchase yours today!

Although they’re not directly tied to performance, RZR 1000 seats, RZR 900 seats, and any UTV seat setup for that matter are an important aspect of the vehicle. For most people, comfortability is a high priority. And as you might expect, so too is safety. This is where aftermarket RZR seating comes into the fore. PRP RZR seats, Beard RZR seats, and Simpson RZR seats are popular among riders not only for their stylish looks, but also their comfortability, safety, and increasingly expanded functionality — such as heaters inside the seats. When it comes to seats, the material used is important. And while most aftermarket RZR seats use better material than stock RZR seats, not all of them use nice materials as a selling point. For example most of the cheaper seats you’ll find use lower-quality material — which is why they’re cheaper.   

HSP seats are what a lot of serious riders run. They are very comfy and you get to choose the color and materials. Yes they are a little bit more costly, but most RZR owners view them as a worthwhile investment. They have the heated seat option and front bag for storage. Hunter seats also hold up well under normal driving circumstances, that is, unless you’re constantly submerging them. If your RZR is snorkeled out and you put it to the test often, we would recommend against HSP seats as the material used soaks up and retains water. Even when cleaning these types of seats, it is typically best to use a damp/wet cloth to wipe them clean as opposed to power washing as the bottom padding is not removable.  

Like the HSP seats, Simpson’s seats for the Polaris RZR are also popular. They look great, provide excellent lower back and bum support, and are super comfortable. Sure they’re a little pricey, but boy howdy are they nice. And if you’re trying to haul around the whole family, an RZR roll cage kit with extra rear seating is an option. You can also replace your bucket seats for a bench seat to fit more riders as well. If your kids are too big for a bump seat, a bench seat will allow for more capacity. The PRP GT 50/50 is a great way to stick your kid between yourself and your passenger. So whatever kind of seat you’re looking to install in your Polaris RZR, we’ve got PRP RZR seats, RZR 1000 seats, RZR roll cage kit seats, and anything else RZR seat-related for you and your Polaris!

There are days that you will wish you had additional seats for your ride and on those days you can throw on a set of additional seats that are super easy to mount. These seats offer the same resiliency as the ones that came with your machine originally and in some cases exceed even the standard set by your factory seats. When it comes to seating upgrades we have those as well. An example of this is the Simpson Custom Vortex UTV Offroad Suspension Seat by Factory UTV. This seat is stylish and comfortable and is made out of materials that can stand up to the harsh offroad conditions. If you are not up for changing out your seats altogether then you can opt for the seat covers that we also carry. They are made out of really tough materials and will both add a touch of style and a layer of protection to your original upholstery. Choose from the options here to add to the RZR XP1000, RZR XP Turbo and the RZRS S1000.

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