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Lighting and Electrical

Never be left in the dark and equip your rig with a Polaris RS1 light bar, a Polaris RS1 chase light, or some Polaris RS1 halo headlights from Everything Polaris RZR! And to ensure that all your Polaris RS1 lights remain properly lit, we also offer a variety of Polaris RS1 electrical accessories like wiring kits, wire harnesses, fuses, relays, and more!

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Do you go on night rides in your Polaris RS1 and want to better illuminate the road ahead as you drive? Are you unsure as to what you need on the electrical side to wire up some lights in your rig? Whether you’re looking for a light bar, cube lights, backup lights, or side running lights, at Everything Polaris RZR, we’ve got what you need to crank out the lumens. And because the RS1 comes stock with a busbar, all you’ll need is the lights and a wire harness and you’ll be good to go. We’ve seen RS1s decked out with a light bar, six spot lights, lighted antennas, and flashing marker lights, all of which were running on the stock electric system. If you hook your lights up right, you shouldn't have a problem. The issue many riders have when hooking up their lighting system is finding the pulse bar. They check under the hood, but it is actually located under the gauge cluster cover. Just pull off the plastic above the steering wheel, plug in your gear, and you’re done!

The most common and easiest way to brighten up your ride is with a light bar. They come in many different sizes and produce a variety of outputs. The 24” bar from Light Bar Supply comes highly recommended, with an amber glow light built in and wired right into the headlight switch. It has low beams that turn on amber glow, while the brights turn on the main beam. And with an assortment of mounting brackets, you can choose the most appropriate place to mount your light bar -- be it above the roll cage or on the bumper. With regards to back-up reverse lights, there are a few approaches you can take. You can wire up a three-amp no-approach sensor and relay to the PRNLH shaft, or alternatively wire a similar system into the trans shift indicator on the dash. But regardless of your RS1 lighting, wiring, or electric needs, give us a call or send over an email and we’ll help shed some light on the best and brightest light kits for your Polaris RS1!

You may not be a night driver but as an off-roader, a lot may happen in the course of your trip and driving at night may be inevitable. You need electrical and lighting systems whose quality is uncompromised and the durability assured, especially with the new Polaris RZR RS1. The good thing about having the lights is that you will experience the exhilarating fun that comes with some night rides, in the quietness and tranquility of darkness. If you have the right lighting and electrical you can count on, you will maintain the speed and performance. Your safety will be uppermost and your fun uncompromised. And that is the joy of acquiring such components from a team that understands possible challenges and desired expectations of side by side riders. Check out the array of appliances of different size and features, prices and fittings but be sure to get lights and electrical designed particularly for the Polaris RZR RS1.

You shouldn’t have to pack up your Polaris RZR RS1 and head home just because the sun is starting to set, and you shouldn’t have to wait until the sun rises to start your off-road adventure. With the right aftermarket side by side lighting and electrical accessories, you light the way for your Polaris RZR RS1 no matter how dark it is outside. Mounting a big double row LED light bar to your Polaris RZR RS1 such as the Polaris RZR 30-inch Curved Cree LED Light Bar - (Dual Row | Black Series w/ Cool White DRL) by Rough Country might be all you need, but some riders like to go even further and supplement with spot lights, rock lights, dome lights, cube lights, and amber lights.

In addition to a wide selection of great Polaris RZR RS1 light bars and lighting accessories, we’ve also got a ton of electrical accessories including laser engraved LED rocker switches, USB charge panels, and electrical wiring harnesses and busbars. Everything you need to light up your Polaris RZR RS1 and boost nighttime visibility is right here at Everything Polaris RZR.

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