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Shocks & Springs

The quality of ride that you enjoy goes hand in hand with the shocks and springs that you have on your RS1. Have you recently added a lift kit? Have you damaged your springs or your shocks? Is it just time for you to swap out your shocks for new ones? Whatever the reason for you needing to change your shocks and/or springs, you will find that the ones we carry are on the same level as or in some cases way better than the ones that came with your UTV originally. From aftermarket HD springs and shock setups to replacement gear for your stock suspension, we've got it all here at Everything Polaris RZR!

On the big Polaris rigs, a lot of riders run King Shocks. And this isn't surprising, as they're some of the best racing shocks in the business. So when it comes time to get shocks for the RS1, riders who've ridden with upgraded shocks have no question as to which shock they want to run. However, King Shocks aren't the only game in town. Elka's Stage 5 shocks have been giving them a run for their money, and when it comes to top-of-the-line suspension, these two are in a league of their own. For a good deal of riders, however, these type of RS1 shocks are a bit overkill for what they are using their machine for. The Walker Needle shocks, for example, are great shocks, they just need better springs and the correct valving. A good shock builder can tune the Walkers to do most anything you desire, and there are killer suspension packages and shock shaft upgrades for the Walker Evans shock sets. Implementing crossover rings with dual rate springs and proper valving will make a night and day difference over stock shocks. So even if you don't have the funds to pop on a brand new shock and suspension setup, replacing the springs and other components as well as tuning the shocks you have will give you a smoother and overall better ride in your RS1!