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From convex UTV side mirrors to rear view mirrors, if you want to extend your field of vision when driving the Polaris ACE, mirrors are a must. But with so many mirror options out there, which ones should you choose? Furthermore, which mirrors fit the Polaris ACE? Regarding the latter, the roll cage of the Polaris ACE measures 1.75”, so side mirrors and rearview mirrors with fitment specs within that range will work. However, you might encounter a few issues with in-cab rear view mirrors due to roofs, under-roof radios, and rear windshields. While the former will make installation problematic and obstruct your view, a rear windshield could render your in-cab mirror if it gets dirty -- something to consider if you plan on running a rear window. Further, the OEM cage makes visibility limited with central rear-view mirrors, which is why many ACE riders go with side mirrors.


31 products

31 products

Companies like Chupacabra Offroad and Tusk make quality side mirrors for UTVs, and ACE-specific models as well. With a variety of options, including convex, concave, and straight mirrors for all you truck drivers out there, you can get side mirrors optimized for your eyes and visual abilities. Foldable side mirrors are a great option as well, particularly for those who like to thread the needle through skinny trails and thick undergrowth. When it comes to mirrors for the Polaris Sportsman, the options are myriad. We’ve seen people put motorcycle mirrors on their ACE, and we’ve also seen people with jerry-rigged redneck mirror solution made from a $20 ORileys Auto Parts mirror. So if you’re wanting to expand your field of vision, are tired or cranking your neck around to see what’s going on behind you, or want a better way to keep tabs on your crew, a set of side and rear view mirrors from Everything Polaris Ranger will solve all your problems.

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