Curtis Industries

Curtis Industries many years ago was just a cab business ran by Fred Curtis Sr. in 1968. Back then, the brand was just a cab business with high demand for small agricultural vehicles, but stories are that the owner had a dream to make an enclosure system for all Side x Side. Now, they are living that dream, and they are not only manufacturers of enclosures, but also designers for UTV attachments. They have so many things they run worldwide in engineering, and whatever they have manufactured has been innovative, and safe.

This brand now works hand-in-hand with different dealers and several Side x Side manufacturers to make sure they bring a change to how UTVs are being used. Their inventions which are highly-versatile has brought much comfort to consumers, and they have managed to stay on top of their game. One cannot but look at how important they are in the agricultural world because they have made it even easier for small-scale farmers. All that is needed is to somewhat attach any particular feature or accessory to a UTV like Polaris RZR, and use it. As a consumer, you can either use it for touring around your farm if you are a large-scale farmer or pack debris with the attached tractor head.

Although, they make Polaris RZR look smaller in size; it is a feature that makes them very useful. In addition to things that make Curtis Industries one of the leading brands, they offer topnotch customer services which are not something you come across, especially in the engineering world. They make sure the reputation of Fred Curtis was not jeopardized because he lived to satisfy others with his agricultural-cab invention. Now, that legacy is what people hold onto, and if you are an agricultural-enthusiast, then this is something you don’t want to miss.

Also, they look up through their system, parts a UTV would require for maximum efficiency; and with the aid of a dealer locator, they find different people who are interested in being a part of their platform, and are ready to share their dreams.

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