If you get a little chilly behind the wheel of your single-seat Razor, we’ve got the Polaris RS1 heaters, Polaris RS1 heater kits, and Polaris RS1 heater parts for you! No matter how low the outside temperatures get, the Polaris RS1 heaters and Polaris RS1 defrosters from Everything Polaris RZR are sure to keep your machine’s cab nice and toasty!

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Winter. This is the time of year when many riders either park their Side by Side, or bundle up and brave the cold. But when one does venture out into the cold for chores or leisurely cruises, they're typically using one, if not many, aftermarket Polaris RS1 accessories. And one such in-cab accessory that makes the inside of the RS1 as pleasant as standing in front of a fireplace is a heater. But not all RS1 heating devices are the same. Some riders prefer electric coats and / heated seats. If you have a full cab enclosure, this may be enough to keep you warm and toasty in the dead of winter. And if you pull the cover off behind the seat, the belt exhaust air blows across the header and into the cab -- factory heat, VW bug style. This, however, won't work if you. have your engine enclosed, which most multi-season riders have due to overheating in the summer.

Riders looking for some extreme heat in the Polaris RS1 may want to look into UTV heaters. Some are portable, while others can be permanently wired and mounted inside the RS1. Not all heaters, though, will work in the RS1. You'll frequently see Polaris RZRs with a heater under the hood. You might even see some with events and controls on the dash. Without the room under the hood, such setups are unlikely to fit in the RS1, which is why we suggest using RS1-specific heaters if you want to install a heating unit in your one-seater RZR. Some riders out there might try to convince you to tap into the coolant hoses under the floor and install a heater core or install a fan on the hatch behind the seat to draw the hot air from the engine bay, but we'd highly suggest talking to a Polaris dealership before rigging up something that could potentially damage your machine.

Tapping into the coolant hoses can make the engine overheat due to the small system, as the stock water pump is not made to handle an additional load. The RS1 also has a high running temperature, so messing around with it can make your engine have a fatal overheat pretty fast. We would suggest putting rain x both on the outside and inside of the cabin and applying it weekly. You could also install a 12v heater/fan on the front window. Even something like a small 12v computer fan can make a hell of difference. At the end of the day, though, if you can't decide how you'll heat your Polaris RS1, give us a call or send over an email, we're more than happy to guide you through all your RS1 heating questions!

This is the investment for your machine that would see a change in the way that you look at getting work done around the house during winter in your UTV or even taking your RS1 out for a bit of quality time with nature but from the warmth of your cab. Choose from the best heaters in today’s aftermarket UTV parts industry.

You are in the right place when it comes to meeting all your UTV needs. We are off-road fans and have a good grasp of the possible challenges that side by side drivers face in the field from time to time. We want to equip you with the right heaters that are ultra-efficient, cost-effective and extremely rugged. These Polaris RZR RS1 heaters are designed to last long even when used on a consistent basis. We source all our products from reliable brands made up of side by side enthusiasts. As such, you don't have to worry about quality construction as besides the careful manufacturing, these aftermarket accessories have been rigorously tested to ensure unmatched performance. The good thing about these choices in heaters is the fact that they are affordable and the value and performance exceed the cost. Enjoy your ride and racing in a warm environment even during the coldest winters. Let your passengers enjoy coziness and comfort that comes with the right temperature. Let your Polaris RZR RS1 perform optimally as it was designed to with the right aftermarket accessories from us.

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