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Regardless of whether you’d like a front Polaris RS1 winch or a rear Polaris RS1 winch, we’ve got em’ all here at Everything Polaris RZR! In terms of pulling power, our Polaris RZR winches run the gamut between 2,500 Lb winches and 6,000 Lb winches; and where winch lines are concerned, we offer both Polaris RS1 cable winches as well as Polaris RS1 synthetic winches!

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Some UTV riders never venture out alone because of the potential for things to go wrong. But with solo rides, you never have to wait for anyone, you get to have peaceful stops, and you gain peace and clarity by being alone with nature. But regardless of whether you’re riding alone or in a group, having a winch installed on your Polaris RS1 is essential. Not only will a proper winch get you unstuck from the mud, but with a little creativity and imagination, winches can prove useful in a variety of circumstances. And while a cheap, less-powerful, 2,500lb quad winch might work on your RS1 depending on where you ride, if you get really planted, an underpowered winch will burn up pretty quickly. Some people say they work great, but we’re willing to bet that they don’t really get “stuck” stuck. The other end of the spectrum is probably not your best bet either, as paying in excess of $700 for a Polaris branded winch is hard to justify. Ergo, we’d suggest spending a little more on a name brand winch, but not necessarily a Polaris brand winch.

Without significant custom modifications, it is not possible to mount a winch on the frame of the Polaris RS1 -- there’s simply not enough room. Try sticking your hand over the differential and below the storage compartment and you’ll see, space is a rare commodity. That being said, companies like Mcnasty Customz and Addiction Powersports sell a rear mount battery relocation kit that gives you room to mount a winch in the same spot as the RZR 1000 XP. Alternatively, the easiest way to put a winch on your RS1 is to attach it to a bumper. If you’re running an HD bumper, the Warn 4,500 winch fits nicely -- after all, it’s the same winch as the Polaris 4,500, the only difference being the logo on it. The Viper Elite 6000# also works, just make sure you get the wide spool so it aligns to the mounting holes for the HD bumper.

The Viper winch also has a generic harness that is very easy to install. Other wide body winches like those by KFI, Badlands, and SuperATV are popular choices as well. And for the front Extreme Bumper, the Xbull 4,500 winch is a nice and cheap option. To wire it you only have ground and hot. Most RS1 riders in the know go battery direct off the relay. The only problem you could encounter is differences in the mounting holes.

The bolt pattern required is 3x6.6, so most widebody winches will fit. But if the planetary side of the winch housing is too big, it wont fit in the bumper. However, you can install other types of winches, you just have to make a mounting plate. Most of the cheaper winches have a different hole spacing, but it’s not that hard to make a plate, and it will save you a pile of cash. If you’re not that handy, no problem. You can find many mounting brackets online that match the bolt pattern of both the bumper and the cheaper winches. So if you’re looking for an affordable winch to use exclusively in emergencies, a winch mounting plate to set your winch flush with your bumper, or a reliable winch that won’t burn out in harsh temperatures or under heavy loads, at Everything Polaris RZR, we’ve got the right winch for your Polaris RS1.

Your new Polaris RZR RS1 deserves the best aftermarket accessories for the best riding experience and in preparation to face even the toughest situation in the field. Don’t listen to the inexperienced riders who argue as long as activity can be done, you are good to go and you don’t have to invest in those seemingly expensive aftermarket accessories. That is a wrong attitude as it can cost you time, money and even put your life at risk. For example, there are enough low quality and cheap winches that could work when you are stuck in shallow mud. But wait until the weather gets crazy and the mud is so thick that without versatile and sturdy winches you would have to spend a few hours in that mess. And for the sake of your super-fast and stylish Polaris RZR RS1, get high-quality, long-lasting and extremely rugged winches. With these, you can race with pride and overcome all the barriers that your off-road trip will present. Why get substandard quality that will be too costly in the long run when you can get cost-effective and ultra-efficient winches conveniently?

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