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There are many lift kit options for the Polaris ACE. Bracket lift kits, strut lifts, and suspension lifts are all ways to gain clearance and create more space between the bottom of your rig and the ground. But while each lift kit style will increase your ACE’s ride height, the performance gains each lift type provides are different. Shock upgrades, for example, can extend ground clearance as well as improve the ride quality in a variety of ways. Running Bandit springs alone can boost your height by about 2”, and although you might lose a little top-end speed, they are otherwise much better than stock. And unlike those 2” lift spacers, using aftermarket springs to lift your ACE won’t alter your rig’s geometry and create nonoptimal CV shaft angles. That being said, you should expect any spring -- even the best aftermarket ones -- to sag over time. So if you do both the 2” spacers and swap out your springs, you should be lifted with a solid 3” of lift after everything settles. If you want to really go all in, you can replace the entire shock and suspension system to gain some lift. Walker Evans makes a good set of shocks and springs that are fully adjustable and made specifically for ACEs with the dual front a-arms -- however there are similar systems available for ACEs with the independent strut front end. The 2” High Lifter lift, for example, is a good kit. With the shocks turned to the highest setting, 2” wheel spacers on the front and rear, and 14” wheels on 30x9x14 tires, it’ll make your ACE ride like Goldilocks; not too hard, not too soft.

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Many riders choose to lift their machines so that they can fit larger tires. For this, you can add two inches to the strut spring and level front end with a 2" strut lift. These spacer lifts mount between the strut and the frame, adding more ride height to your ACE. If you choose to go with this type of lift kit for your Polaris ACE, just be sure that they are tight on top of the strut and never try to cheat it to get it installed. If you don’t remove the lower control arm and unbolt the axle from the spindle, you’ll likely pull the axle from the outer joint. The Perfect kit is a good suspension lift kit for the Polaris ACE, which works by relocating all of the upper suspension mounts to give your UTV a 2” lift. Technically speaking, these types of lifts would be raising the center of gravity of your ACE and make it less stable. But this can be counteracted with wheel spacers to add a couple of inches for stability. Ideally, the ACE with a lift should have a width of 54-55”. Regardless of which lift style you choose to lift your Polaris ACE, at Everything Polaris Ranger, we’ve got em’ all!