Assault Industries

The off-road industry is one that requires precision and accuracy and not a trial and error when it comes to making the UTV accessories. That is why you should trust companies that have existed for decades and whose staff is well-experienced in handling anything UTV. For Assault Industries that has over 30 years of existence and located in Orange County, California, value is what has kept them at the top of the game. They have ventured into diverse fields such as medical, aerospace, military, off-road, bicycle and motorcycle. Having succeeded in all these fields, it is clear the professional engineers and technician understand the needs of UTVs and other off-road accessories. Through a number of platforms, their staff strives to bring you the best products for your OEM Polaris RZR.

Assault Industries’ dedication is to offer you the most innovative, high performing and the strongest side x side accessories. Given that the company was established by off-road enthusiasts, affordability and quality are reflected in the products. That is why the plant is equipped with high-quality tools capable of sheet metal fabrication, CNC machining, 3D laser screening, welding, reverse engineering, and tube bending.

Another amazing thing about Assault Industries is the fact that their UTV aftermarket accessories are tested before they can be released to the market. In case something is not at its best, which is rare, it is fixed while it is still at the facility. You can be sure what you get at your doorstep is a high-quality, well-designed and a carefully made product to meet your UTV needs the best way possible.

As a Polaris RZR enthusiast, some of the incredible accessories you’ll get range from safety gears such as the harnesses, speedometer bezels, side mirrors, fire extinguishers, sun visors among others. With new products released frequently, you can find a suitable product with the latest specs to enhance your UTV efficiency, increase speed and grant you a matchless performance on the road.

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