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Seats and Roll Cage

Whether you’re looking for a Polaris RS1 seat with suspension parts in the base for softer landings or a wider seat to accommodate for the extra insulation you packed on over the holiday season, we’ve got a wide selection of RS1 seats, seat bases, and seat mounting brackets. A lot of RS1 owners have complained to us that they keep getting mixed answers from dealerships and manufacturers on what will or won't interchange with the RS1, the XP 1000, and the 18 Turbo. When it comes to seats, however, any XP 1000 seat will work in the RS1. The same goes for seat lowering kits. Any RZR XP 1000 seat lowering base will fit

PRP, Triple X, and Simpson are three of the top manufacturers of aftermarket RS1 seats, with a little something for everyone. We’ve seen various RS1s run multiple different sets by PRP, and the owners often remark how comfortable they are. The only issue we could find with them is the way the bases mount to the seats. They have two strips of 1” x 3/16” flat bar welded to the seat frame. And while this is fine for most riders, for the bigger guys out there, these skinny mounts can prove problematic. After pounding through thousands of miles of whoops, we’ve seen some tare loose from the seat frame. So for all the big and tall fellas out there riding the RS1, we’d suggest the Simpson Vortex seat as it is much sturdier -- although not a true suspension seat though. A friend of the site is six-foot-one and walks around at 255lb. The Simpson Pro seat, with it’s 2” extra wide body, fits him like a glove. This seat comes with the option to include the required rail mounts, or you can use it with the seat brackets you have -- if, for example, you want to keep our seat low and on a quick release latch. Plus, it also comes with twin heat and adjustable lumbar support, which comes in handy for all you riders out there with bad backs. Whatever you’re looking for in an RS1 seat, be it strength, comfort, safety or durability, at Everything Polaris RZR we’ve got the right seat for you!

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