Storage Covers

Whether you’re looking for a full cover to protect your Polaris ACE while not in use, breathable side intake covers, or a tonneau cover to go over the carbo bed, when it comes to ACE covers, we at Everything Polaris RZR have you covered. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to shield your rig on the trailer or on the front yard, a trailerable Polaris ACE storage cover is a multi-purpose protective measure that will keep your ride safe and clean. While you can use tarps, car covers, or covers made for other UTVs or Polaris quads, getting one that fits the ACE specifically is ideal. Proper Polaris ACE covers come with the front as well as rear slots through which you can easily thread tie-downs, bungees, and straps. Some even have a ratchet-down perimeter cable to make the cover as tight as can be for those strong gales and lengthy highway journeys. It doesn't matter if you’ve modified your ACE’s cab, chopped its height down, added bumpers/fender flares, or installed any other aftermarket component, here at Everything Polaris RZR, you can find a cover that fits.

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If you’re covering your ACE between rides or between seasons, it is highly advised that you clean it first. All the mud and dirt that accumulates on the cowling, body panels, and in the intake vents aren’t the best thing to have on for long periods of time, so use a garden hose or power washer if you have one -- making sure to stand a few feet back with the latter -- and give your ACE a quick spray-down. Look underneath the fender wells at the bottom of the breather box and you’ll find a little black rubbery thing hanging down. This is a drain plug and kind of looks like an upside-down pyramid. If you squeeze it'll release any fluid in the breather box, draining all the liquid that built up from the wash. Just make sure to not run your ACE for about 30 minutes after washing to be sure no water is where it shouldn’t be. Once your machine is clean and dry, throw your cover on and it’ll be nice and fresh for your next ride.

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