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If the rainy season is keeping you indoors or you’re tired of the stifling sun blasting down on you when you’re cruising the dunes, running a roof on your Polaris RS1 is a practical and pragmatic solution for all weather conditions. RS1 roofs are also great for keeping mud out of the cab and out of your lap. Add fenders, door panels, and a full windshield to go along with your roof and you’ll keep 95% of water and mud from getting on you. But there’s more to roofs than keeping the outside world out of the cab. By creating a partition that aerodynamically slices through the air, roofs are also beneficial for racing. Without a roof, air flows over the cage and into the cab, creating excessive drag and lowering both fuel efficiency and top speeds. And while these aerodynamic forces are miniscule and probably only affect racers, when it comes to the finish line, every millisecond counts.

Whether you’re looking for a basic plastic OEM roof, an aluminum roof, or even a clear roof for your RS1, you’ve come to the right place. With roofs from leading UTV parts manufacturers like Pro Armor, Double OTT, Factory UTV, and XTR Offroad, we’ve got the latest and greatest Polaris RS1 roofs. A variety of factors -- such as the windshield you run or any cage modifications you’ve had done -- can contribute to the way an aftermarket roof works on your RS1. Factory roofs, for instance, do not seal to the top of the full Popo windshield as well as other aftermarket windshields. The coverage a roof provides is also important to consider. Double OTT’s tinted roof is a good one with excellent side coverage that extends further and wraps around better than similar RS1 clear roof options. And when it comes to color options, there are aftermarket RS1 roofs in everything from dead red to voodoo blue. Many riders like to customize their roofs with a vinyl wrap. The carbon fiber paper by 3M along with some edge trim is popular, and is much more resilient than basic spray paint. But regardless of what you’re looking for in a Polaris RS1 roof, we’ve got all the roof materials, styles, and types to keep you covered!

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