Roll Cages

Many power sports enthusiasts have criticized the Polaris ACE -- and the ACE 900 SP -- for being a poor match of chassis to power ratio. And it is precisely for this reason that a lot of the same riders with the Polaris ACE choose to retrofit their UTVs with an aftermarket roll cage. Sure full-face helmets, 4-point harnesses, and full doors will help -- especially with keeping all your limbs inside the vehicle in the event of a rollover -- but there's no better way to stay safe in an ACE than a fortified roll cage. Chromoly is a good material used by many aftermarket ACE roll cage manufacturers, and the IMG Motorsports cage is a good example.

A lot of people like to blame Polaris when accidents occur -- especially with the 900 ACE. After all, they took a chassis originally designed for the 300's and 570's and dumped a 900 in it. But even an ACE 325 with a strut front end can do 45mph, which is definitely fast enough for serious injuries to occur. Add some thick ruts and other tricky terrain to the mix and even experienced riders aren't invincible. And because the ACE is generally used as a starter vehicle for younger riders, inexperience only exacerbates the risks. These risks, however, can be dramatically lowered with proper planning and preparation as well as the right accessories -- the most salient being a roll cage. If you've flipped your rig before and don't trust your old roll cage, or want to proactively fortify your ACE to protect the driver in any circumstance, upgrading with an ACE roll cage from Everything Polaris RZR is the best way to go about it! Be it a Toys For Big Boys roll cage, a cage by Factory UTV, or any other aftermarket Polaris ACE cage, get one installed before you need it, and be glad you did should the worst case scenario come to fruition.

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