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When it comes to tires for the Polaris RS1, everyone has their own opinion about which are best. And because the options are so various, it’s difficult to pin down which tires are best for which riding domains. Size, offset, sidewall thickness, and tire pressure are four of the many factors that contribute to a tires performance. No matter how you use your machine, be it for racing, rock crawling, mudding, or hill climbing, at Everything Polaris RZR, we’ve got the right tires to optimize your ride. Gladiator tires, for instance, are great for desert riding, and so are 30” GBC Terra Masters, CST Lobo tires, Cheyenne RX tires, and Maxxis’ Liberty tires. The latter also ride well in rocks and on hard pack. But they’re really soft and wouldn’t be a go-to tire for longevity.


1 - 36 of 72 products

1 - 36 of 72 products

For dirt road riding, Motohammer tires come highly recommended. We know lots of guys who run them for that type of terrain with nothing but good things to say. Others to look at for general riding are Carnivores and Pro-Armor Crawlers. Regarding gravel dirt roads, you will want a tighter-packed tread than you will with loose dirt or mud. TerraMasters or Mongrels (28x10x14) work well for dirt roads, both of which are DOT approved and steel belts. Sandslingers are a good tire brand for running dunes, and for all the folkes riding the little Sahara in Oklahoma, we’d suggest using STI Sand Wedges in the rear and Pro Armor in the front. STU’s Blaster 1 Cut or their 28” #2 paddle tires are good for sand riding as well, and so too are Skats. You don’t necessarily want stiff sidewalls for sand riding, so anything around 4 ply is where you want to be.

If you use your RS1 for racing, going as small as 27” with your tires makes for less rotating mass, helping your RS1 to stop better and accelerate quicker. Further, flat tires work better for short course racing than tires with a more rounded shape, which is why many racers shave their tires down from 27” to 25.5”. Racers know that tracks tend to get hard packed in the race line with what is known as “the cushion”, which is the loose dirt thrown to the outside of the race line. Shaving the center of the tire down makes the center better on the hard pack, but still leaves lugs on the outside edge to grip the cushion.

Regardless of the tire you go with for you RS1, you can easily change its performance by inflating / deflating it. Many riders change their tire pressure based on the trail conditions. If you encounter a lot of square-edge rocks, you’ll want to run more tire pressure so you don’t get a pinch flat -- but you’ll do this at the detriment of plushness. More PSI is also suggested for riding roads, as there’s less rolling resistance and more fun to be had drifting. In the, we’d suggest running your tires at 12.5-18 PSI, which is lower than what most people do but good for stiffer tires Roctanes. So if you’re riding forest roads, gravel pits, rally style TT tracks, or wooded trails, we’ve got the best Polaris RS1 tires to keep your machine planted on mud, snow, sand, or hard pack!

We understand the varying opinions of which tires are the best for the 2020 Polaris RZR RS1 and that each riding or racing environment determines what would be ideal. As guys committed to offering side by side drivers nothing but the best, we have committed ourselves to avail the best tires that the industry has to offer such that even if your area is rocky or the soils are wet or you thrive driving on the dunes, you will find the tires that best suit you. And since they have been sourced from reliable brands such as Sedona, Dragonfire, Moose Utility, Fuel Off-road, and STI Powersport, you can rest assured that they are rugged, long-lasting, efficient and cost-effective. Let nothing hold you back as you ride your 2020 Polaris RZR RS1 in whatever terrain while we have what it takes to have a super-fast ride, consistent traction and excellent grip on the surface. Combined with other quality aftermarket accessories for your 2020 Polaris RZR RS1, such as high-quality audio, enjoy your rides and have unforgettable and safe escapades. Talk to us and we will sort you out.

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