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Gun Racks/Hunting Accessories

While the Polaris RS1 is more known for its nimbleness, acceleration capabilities, and ability to haul a$$ around corners like you wouldn’t believe, that shouldn’t stop you from using it to hunt. Yes, being a one-seater does eliminate passengers, but hey, they're not the one making the payments, so who cares. Plus, no one wants to be a passenger when they could be behind the wheel. So if you’re going on a solo hunting trip or you have a crew with their own rigs, there are many hunting accessories that can make use of the limited space in the Polaris RS1. No matter if you bow hunt, rifle hunt, or use blow guns and slingshots, there are a variety of gun mounts, rifle racks, and bow brackets out there to affix your hunting tools to the RS1.

And it doesn’t stop there. There are also back rack attachments to help you haul your game out of the brush after you’ve bagged your animal. Whether you're hunting elk, deer, or even caribou, manually quartering and hauling out your kill by foot is difficult and time consuming. If you’re bird hunting, you’ll be limited by the amount you can carry as well. Besides, many of the best hunting spots are deep in the thick of it, too far to reach by foot yet too rugged to get to by pickup, making the RS1 aptly suited for such demanding requirements. Need a UTV spotlight for some coon hunting? On the hunt for a gun case to hold and protect your firearms as you drive? Whatever you’re looking for, when it comes to RS1 hunting accessories, we’ve got the gear to match whatever firepower you’re packing.

2 products

2 products

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