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Bumpers and Brush Guards

It doesn’t matter if you just got your Polaris ACE and are looking to upgrade the front and rear bumper or you bought it cheap second hand -- used and abused with the lower plastic busted off -- if you’re searching for bumpers and brush guards for the various years and models of the Polaris ACE, you’ve come to the right site. Whether you’re looking for a low-profile bumper in the front for that sleek smooth look, a rear bumper equipped with ample hooks, loops, and tie-down locations, or a winch-compatible bumper to locate your winch higher on your machine, at Everything Polaris RZR, we’ve got a little something for everyone. One of the better-selling ACE bumpers is the one by Extreme Metal Products. It comes with a front grill to protect headlights, the radiator, and other front-end components and can hold a 3k winch. The Hunter Series Bison bumper is another brand that has gotten rave customer reviews. Made for the Polaris ACE 500 and 570 as well as the Polaris ACE 900, this bumper is also winch compatible and installs easily to stock frame mounts with no modifications required.

In addition to protection, aftermarket Polaris ACE bumpers will help to raise the mounting position of the attached winch. Mounting a winch on the stock frame position can be kind of useless if you get stuck in the mud, and you might find that you keep bending the roller on the ground when the front end dips down on the trail. If you use your winch mostly for small stuff, you should be fine, but for getting unstuck from deep mud, a higher-mounted winch attached to an aftermarket bumper is more ergonomic and better suited for recovery. So be it for better winch placement, protection against collisions, or simply for the looks, get all your basis covered with a bumper or brush guard from Everything Polaris RZR

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With some aftermarket ACE bumpers, you might need the winch-to-bumper adapter that comes with the Polaris bumper. If you need the bracket but already have a bumper, you’re not out of luck. The winch mount by Warn can work on older ACE editions, but it mounts your winch upside down. You need to remove the bull bar mount and might need to find/make your own lower piece to hold the brush mount. You can also fabricate an L-bracket of your own to mount your winch. The bottom plate should measure 6 3/4" by 7" while the top plate should be 2" by 7". You can drill the mounting holes in the bottom plate first, mount it on your ACE, then tacked the top plate to it while it is on the machine (making sure to exercise caution and not melt the plastic), marking where the holes should be to mount the brush guard. You’ll want to cut the large box in the center of the bottom plate bigger than the existing box on the winch. Then, of course, you want to weld your gussets on. You can also cut out one bar on the side of your grill to make room for your winch hook. Regardless of how you choose to mount your winch to the ACE bumper, we highly recommend getting the KFI front plate. Even if you have a brush guard, you still might smack a tree or other trailside obstacle and snap your winch motor right off -- and since the factory cover is plastic, you still might worry about rocks with a brush guard.

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