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Winch Accessories

Along with a proper, high-performance, winch, a prepared Polaris RS1 owner should also carry along a recovery kit equipped with various winch accessories. Any good recovery kit should include a snatch block, which is basically a mechanical pulley with a metal plate on the side that hinges open. Snatch blocks not only provide a mechanical advantage to augment the power of your winch, but they also make it easier to thread the winch cable through the shackel eyelet via the swinging side plate. Like a snatch block, lifting shackles are also used when winching as connector devices. They are typically implemented to link the winch line to the load, be it your RS1, a tree/shrub, or your buddy’s Can Am that always seems to get stuck for some reason. Tree trunk protectors (commonly referred to as rigging straps) are must-have winch accessories that will make any winching task easier by many multiples. Typically made of soft nylon material, tree trunk protectors wrap around the base of trees, poles, or shrubs and attach to your winch hook via a D-shackle or a clevis pin.


On the safety side of things, work gloves are advised when operating your UTV winch, especially if you run a cable winch line instead of a synthetic rope winch line. Cable lines are known to frey, and these small strands of metal are extremely sharp. Cable winch lines can also snap on rare occasions, necessitating the need for a winch accessory known as a winch line dampener. Winch line dampeners are a winch safety accessory that help to reduce the risk of harm from a snapped and recoiling winch line. And any good recovery kit wouldn’t be complete with a durable denier carrying bag. Even if you don’t play in the mud, it’s always wise to pack a full set of winch accessories, because you never know what will happen on the trail.

Winch accessories specifically designed for the 2020 Polaris RZR RS1 are diverse and we strive to avail from the best manufacturers that the industry has to offer. Designed to ensure you bail out of a muddy situation, swampy or crossing creeks, these winch accessories are made of heavy metal that can withstand tough situations, bear heavy weight and enhance ultra-efficiency. And for the new 2020 Polaris RZR RS1, you want accessories that are sturdy, versatile, and extremely rugged. Otherwise, it may unfathomable to have a stylish and powerful UTV with poor quality winch accessories. Hit the road with confidence and stand above your peers with the 2020 Polaris RZR RS1 and accompanying high-quality winch accessories. Rise above tough terrains and enjoy a super cool and super fast ride. Let nothing hold you back. Check out the available components from top brands and equip yourself to face whatever tomorrow presents. You will love every aspect of using these components.

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