Classic Accessories

Classic Accessories has one of the interesting and humblest beginnings. It was started in 1983 by Jacob Engelstein, in his basement. This would be the beginning that would give Jacob the motivation to work through the difficult years and toil tirelessly. Since Jacob never gave up even when he had a reason to, his business grew to manufacture accessories for diverse industries such as UTVs, cars, boats, and even RVs. There at Seattle, Classic Accessories was born.

Jacob is an enthusiast of anything outdoors and has practical experience in all these activities. As such, he knows what outdoor lovers desire to get the most from their escapades. That is why he abhors overly sophisticated UTV accessories. Also, with that understanding of how specific outdoor life is, he manufactures all awesome products for camping, grilling, fishing, hunting just to mention a few. For example, he understands durability is key and functionality and high performance is of significance. That is why he makes simple covers for your Polaris RZR. These simple seats are cool and will save on your time. It is amazing to know that Classic Accessories has you in mind and what would simplify your life as they make UTV aftermarket accessories.

Something unique about Classic Accessories and their seriousness in delivering just the best to you is the inspirational blog they have. The blog covers several topics related to tips, pictures, tricks, videos and also various products. You can also find information about different Polaris RZR covers, generators, power equipment, etc. In essence, you will be equipped with the information you need to select the best product.

A bonus point to note is that these covers keep your precious machines and toys safe in a stylish way until your next escapade. And as the name suggests, you will get classic side by side aftermarket products.

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