It takes the determination and passion of one individual to innovate and manufacture a product that will attract others to the firm to propel the vision. That was the experience of the founder of Techlusion dba Dobeck Performance, Mark Dobeck. He established the UTV aftermarket accessories in 1997 in Las Vegas but moved to Belgrade, Montana which is it’s the current headquarter. His primary goal was to design a controller as the solution for UTVs. Over time, Dobeck and his experienced team were able to move to more sophisticated fuel injection systems for the UTVs such as Polaris RZR among others. One of the reputable side x side accessories was the Generation 3 fuel controller which has been upgraded to Gen 3.5. With Dobeck Polaris RZR fuel controllers, there is an easier interface for the user as push buttons are availed. You can also get the adjustable AFR system that comes in many standard colors so that you can pick the one that suits you best. The system comes with the installation guide and all the corresponding hardware. This is incredible as you will not experience incompatibility issues that can hamper your performance.

Dobeck continues to thrive in researching, manufacturing, testing and approving diverse high-performance UTV aftermarket accessories that are customized to suit the diverse needs of the customers. Since the side x side accessories are designed with meeting customers the customers’ needs in mind, they are sturdy, powerful and allow a high-level of efficiency. While you race you want fuel controllers that allow maximum efficiency and easy AFR diagnostics in case problems arise. Since research is an integral part of Dobeck, you can be sure to get the latest models that are convenient and cost-effective. Finally, another UTV accessory that you’ll get from Dobeck is the SAFR Rental Program. This is an incredible tool that grants you the power to diagnose your AFR (Air-Fuel Ratio) and find the source of your problem in your Polaris RZR.

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