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Need a RZR lift kit, we got your covered and can get your RZR lifted today!!  Regardless of whether you need a Polaris RZR 1000 lift kit, a Polaris RZR 570 lift kit, or a Polaris RZR 900 lift kit, we’ve got the Polaris RZR lift kits and lift kit components to help you achieve anything you desire. We have the right lift-related parts to fix all Polaris RZR lift kit problems, as well as lift kit styles ranging from Polaris RZR bracket lifts to Polaris RZR portal gear lifts!  Visit our dedicated RZR Portal Gear Lift catagory for a full selection of Portal Gear Lifts!

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Ride in style and turn heads when you jack up your Polaris RZR with a lift kit you found at Everything Polaris RZR!  You will not only turn heads you’ll be the envy of all your fellow UTV riders. Now you can get those massive tires you want and have plenty of clearance! Extremely durable and for the most part, simple and easy to install! You’ve been wanting the lift and now you can have it! Get the height you want for your Polaris RZR today!

No more dragging and no more bottoming-out! Lift your rig with a lift kit from Everything Polaris RZR. Add height and ground clearance to your machine and benefit from a taller ride and a tougher look. Your Polaris RZR can benefit from bigger tires and added strength and power to tackle the roughest and most rugged terrain. You can get Highlifter Edition Lift Kits with Rhino Axles for your RZR XP 1000, Z-Bend Tie Rod Kits for your RZR XP Turbo and Rear Suspension Links (Aluminum) for your RZR-S 1000. You’ll be able to climb over rocks and boulders with ease. These lift kits are available in a host of colors and heights to give you the lift you desire, even 7” to 10”. Rock that wide menacing stance that makes other cower. Get the best brands in lift kits for your side by side from Everything Polaris RZR.

There are few things better than riding high in a lifted Polaris RZR. Be it a bracket lift, a Polaris RZR portal lift, or lift gained by installing an RZR long travel setup, there are many reasons to lift a Polaris RZR. However, not all RZR lifts are created equal, and each lift style has its pros and cons. One of the best ways to lift your UTV is with a gear lift RZR. Not only do gear lifts provide ride height, but they also reduce your side-by-side’s gearing. A portal gear lift RZR 1000 system, for example, places both the lift and the gear reduction in the hub of the vehicle, which keeps the stock geometry and suspension settings the same and thereby places less stress on important systems like the drivetrain. Things like the RZR 900s gear reduction systems give your machine added torque and increase the longevity of other components and moving parts. If you find that your RZR XP4 1000 with a 2” bracket lift sitting on 32s puts the axles in a serious bind when you flex it out, portals might be your best bet. 

If you do have a lifted RZR, you may have noticed some strange things going on with the suspension -- that is, if you didn’t go with the RZR 1000 long travel or RZR 900 long travel kit. We have a guy in our crew that ran an RZR 1000 3 5 lift that was experiencing axle problems similar to the ones mentioned above. He was considering getting aftermarket axles with higher articulation angles but ended up just throwing on some Monster Rigging limit straps to limit the travel in the suspension by stopping the shocks from extending fully. This is not always a good solution, however, because limit straps are not that useful on factory geometry. In many cases the best RZR 1000 s lift kit or lift for any RZR is the long travel system.    

We get a lot of questions about long travel kits for the Polaris RZR, so here is a little RZR 1000 long travel kit review. Long travel kits for the RZR come in a few styles. There’s stock, boxed, and tube-style long travel kits that riders can choose from, each of which gives better performance results under specific riding conditions. The RZR Turbo long travel kit with internal bypass performance (IPB) is perfect for dune riders, racers, and those who like to take their RZR to the max. This design reduces the likelihood of bottoming out as well as the overall wear of the shock over time. Things such as links -- straight links, high links, and race links -- can also be added to RZRs with long travel to optimize for sport riding, rock crawling, and racing. 

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