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Whether you’re searching for full Polaris ACE doors, wanting to install half doors / lower doors, or are looking for something a little simpler and cheaper such as a side net, at Everything Polaris RZR, we’ve got a variety of aftermarket ACE doors for all seasons, terrains, and ride styles. With full doors and front & back windows, the ACE stays pretty warm in the cockpit. With all three and a roof, you probably don’t even need a heater for winter riding. In the summertime, though, the cab of the Polaris ACE can get quite hot with full doors, which is why lower doors are so popular. In addition to Polaris, aftermarket UTV parts providers like Factory UTV and UTV Giant also make quality half and full doors for the single-seater ACE. Like half doors, soft cabs -- consisting of a soft-top roof and canvas doors -- are also popular for all-season riding as the doors can be easily removed during summer, and just as easily re-installed for those bitter winter riding days. The doors can be removed from the rest of the cab without having to take off the top and back, requiring only a couple minutes to take off.

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If you’re getting blasted with sand on the dunes or you ride through wet or muddy areas that splash material into the cab, you might be fine with half doors. If you do a lot of trail riding, however, and are constantly getting slapped with branches and overgrowth, then full doors are your best bet. Polaris-branded doors fit and work well, but they cost more and you have to buy both the upper and lower sections. Unlike some metal doors, though, Polaris doors don’t have many gaps and seal quite nicely. And many people have asked us if the RZR 900 doors will work on an ACE, but unfortunately, they do not and you’ll need ACE-specific doors. So whether you’re keeping the elements out, or the contents of your cab in, having that solid partition to separate your cab from the outside world is a must. 

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