Roll Cages

Be it for transport or for vehicle recovery, play things safe to avoid catastrophe with the Polaris RS1 tie-downs, trailering products, and recovery gear from Everything Polaris RZR! From wheel straps and tire chocks to ratchet straps and additional anchor points, we have it all and more at Everything Polaris RZR!

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There are so many different ways to add safety to your Side by Side, and you just cannot have too much safety when you are heading out to the course or ripping it up on the trail. In the grand scheme of things, you cannot be prepared for every eventuality. But ensuring that you have added as many layers of protection by installing a roll cage is something that you can control. If you're contemplating a roll cage for my RS1, but are worried about not being able to run a windshield and other accessories, don't fret, there are solutions. Take the Pro Armor cage for the Polaris RS1. It uses the machine's original intakes, so most of the dimensions are really close -- if not exactly the same -- to stock. The cage by Houser Racing works as well, with tabs for the stock intake risers too. Houser Racing's RS1 roll cage is compatible with roofs, and the factory 1/2" windshield snaps on no problem and retains the air filter pipes in the back. A lightbar will fit as well, but might need some minor cutting/adjusting. Alternatively, it is possible to take your stock cage down to a local welder and have them build you a cage. But from a cost perspective, unless you have friends who are willing to do the work for cheap, it's probably more economical to get an aftermarket RS1 cage.

Like Houser Racing, ABF also makes a super sturdy roll cage for the Polaris RS1, and Crash Addict as well as Sinfab are good options as well. The right cage for you will depend on what you're trying to accomplish with your UTV. Are you looking for a race cage -- and if so what race series are you trying to race -- or are you simply looking for a stock replacement roll cage? In the end, though, you can’t put a cost on your brain. You can buy any accessory you want, but you can't buy your life back once it's gone. You may have seen an RS1 after a rollover looking completely fine, but every rollover has different results. The stock cage may hold up well for one roll, and may not with a simple tip over. It is all in how it rolled and the forces on it. Remove the gamble and be confident in your safety by knowing if you do roll, that you are going to be safe regardless with an aftermarket RS1 roll cage from Everything Polaris RZR!

One of the best safety options you can add to your RS1 in fact is a roll cage. The roll cages that we carry are not just made by the best, they are made out of the best materials. Choose a front or rear roll cage for your UTV and head out on your next adventure feeling the added safety that it will provide.

The corner was sharper than anticipated and as you came around it there was a mound that you simply could not get around in time and the next thing you knew you were tipping over at a high speed. Luckily you had a roll cage in place for just this instance. But did you? Do you? Are you truly prepared for every eventuality with your ride? Does your Polaris RZR RS1 really have safety covered from every angle? A roll cage is an investment for both your machine and your wellbeing. Your safety should and must be the first thing that you ensure before heading out on the trail and as your trail choices become more intricate and therefore more intense, the more attention must be paid to your safety on the trail. The roll cages that we carry are made super strong so that your safety will be in excellent hands.

Keeping you and your passengers safe while off-roading in your Polaris RZR RS1 means not taking chances with your roll cage. The Polaris RZR RS1’s OEM roll cage is good, but it’s not great. This is an important distinction when the safety of you and your passengers is at stake. Here at Everything Polaris RZR, you’ll find the best aftermarket side by side roll cages and roll cage accessories to up your Polaris RZR RS1’s level of protection.

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