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Even if you aren't much of a winter rider, depending on where you live, even some spring and fall rides can get quite chilly. A full cab enclosure can help in this regard, but the only way to stay nice and warm despite the temperatures outside is with a Polaris ACE heater. And I know what you might be thinking -- especially if you're on the tall side -- "Where on earth would you put a heater in the cab of a Polaris ACE"? Yes, the cab space is limited in the ACE, but there are plenty of nooks and crannies (such as under the dash or on the floor in the front) in which you can install a UTV heating unit. Lots of riders use skid steer heaters, but for the best and most reliable results, a UTV cab heater is almost compulsory.

In addition to their primary function of keeping riders warm, Polaris ACE heaters are also useful for riders who run windshields. Like in an automobile, the windshield of a Polaris ACE can get fogged and frosted up; and an ACE heating unit will help mitigate these issues. Space, however, is the limiting factor for heaters in the Polaris ACE. In an RZR, it's possible to install a heater under the hood with events on the dash as well as controls on the dash. But in the ACE, there is likely no space for such a setup. So if you're in a cold climate, using your ACE for ice fishing or hunting in the winter, an ACE-specific UTV heater is the best option. Sure hand warmers can work as a temporary solution, but if you prioritize comfort over thriftiness, an ACE heater is the ultimate solution to cold-weather riding. Be it the harsh winters of the mid-west in the US, or the sub-arctic conditions of northern Canada, you'll never be cold in your ACE so long as you have a proper side-by-side heating unit!

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