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Be it a 3500lb Runva winch attached to your Polaris ACE 900 with a KFI winch mount, or a 3000lb Viper winch attached to the bumper of your ACE 570 with a winch-to-bumper adapter, winches are an essential aftermarket accessory that every side by side owner should have. For the Polaris ACE, you shouldn’t need more than a 3500lb rated UTV winch. Anything bigger is just overkill, and some of the larger, wide-spool side by side winches may be difficult to mount onto the stock Polaris ACE. Similarly, if you have an ace with a bumper but without a winch mount, you’ll need a mount in order to attach a winch to your bumper or brush guard. And to protect your winch, we’d suggest KFI’s front plate. Even with a brush guard, many ACE riders have worries about rocks or trees snapping their winch motor right off since the factory winch cover is plastic.

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How you install your winch will likely depend on which ACE model you have. For example, the ACE 570 has struts, not a-arms, so there’s no need to remove the upper A-arm to get to the upper bolt for the winch mount, it can just bolt right on. For the strut model front end ACEs, you can use an older Warn winch mount, but you may have to mount your winch upside down in order for it to fit. Otherwise, you need to remove the Bull bar mount and use the one that came in your bumper or winch kit. If you don’t have this mount, you can either buy it or make your own lower piece to hold the brush mount. One of the better ways to mount a winch on your Polaris ACE is with an aftermarket, winch compatible UTV bumper. The Extreme Metal Products bumper is popular because it mounts the winch high up on the bumper, keeping it out of the mud. After all, if you can’t access your winch when you need it, what good will it do? So whether you’re looking for a winch-bumper combo for your Polaris ACE, an aftermarket winch with the proper mounting brackets or any L bracket/winch mount needed to attach a UTV winch to your Polaris ACE, at Everything Polaris RZR, we’ve got everything you’ll need for your Polaris ACE.

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