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Whether you’re getting brutalized by the sun in Arizona or dumped on by rain clouds in Oregon, Polaris ACE roofs are good to have. Polaris offers three types of factory roofs: canvas roofs, one-part poly roofs, and the two-part Lock & Ride Sport Roof. Companies like QuadBoss and Extreme Metal Products make aftermarket door kits for the Polaris ACE as well. Dealers might try to convince you that polyethylene doors are inferior, especially with regards to high wind speeds. And while you can take the roof off when trailering on the highway to prevent it from falling off, unless you’re excessively speeding, a poly roof should stay snug as a bug on your trailer. If you’re a worry wart, you can always put a strap around the roof for safety. Attach one heavy-duty cable tie on each of the four mounting points and that roof ain't going nowhere. If you haven’t seen a plastic-roofed ACE on a sled bed going 90mph down the interstate, you either ride close to home or don’t get out much.


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You also see a lot of guys and gals run custom Polaris ACE roofs on their bikes. Using anything from aluminum to sheet-metal heating ducts, you can make a decent roof for your Polaris ACE -- just make sure to fab up some Rubber Bushings so it doesn't rub on the roll cage. Powder coat it or apply a few layers of paint and you have yourself a nice roof. You can also use vinyl to make an ACE roof, but the caveat with a homemade Polaris ACE roof is that you can’t fit the MTX Overhead stereo. For that you’re going to need the stock top or a Cooter brown top-- just make sure to add a bass speaker to balance out the sound. Be it the Polaris ACE soft-top or a two-part poly roof for extended overhead protection, the ACE roofs and toppers at Everything Polaris Ranger are tip-top and cream-of-the-crop.

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