​RZR Road Trips: The Best UTV Riding Destinations In America

Dec 15th 2021

There are plenty of beautiful destinations around the US that are easy to access via horseback, and many more that can only be reached by foot. Still other areas allow ATVs, but just not larger ORVs like the Polaris RZR. Nevertheless, America is chocked full of amazing riding destinations, with more sites and attractions than anyone could ever hope to visit in a single lifetime. Some UTV riding destinations are seasonal, while others are good to hit year round. Similarly, some destinations are quite technical and challenging, while others are mild and relaxing. But with a beast of a rig like the Polaris RZR, you’ll be able to blaze trails over terrain that’s too rough, too narrow, or too rugged for trucks and utility side-by-sides. So regardless of whether you’re looking to challenge yourself behind the wheel, or simply soak it up in the most beautiful locations that Mother Nature has to offer, here are the best UTV riding destinations in America!

Best Places To Ride A UTV On The West Coast

For everyone located inland, simply point your rig West and enjoy! The Oregon coast is beautiful in the summer, and both Oregon and California offer unmatched dunes – with Glamis and the Imperial Sand Dunes in Cali, and the Coos Bay riding area in Oregon. Other coastal riding regions in Oregon with sand beaches and dunes include North Bend, Winchester Bay, and Florence!

Best Places To Ride A UTV Out East

From the Uwharrie trails in North Carolina to the Badlands Off-Road Park in western Indiana, there are ample amounts of epic riding spots east of the Ozarks where riders can rip till their heart's content! Ride The Wilds in New Hampshire is an ORV network comprised of over 1,000 miles of off-road trails, while private parks like Carolina Adventure World in South Carolina provide riders with everything from Green trails to Black Diamonds as well as RV sites, camping spots, and cabins for a little "glamping". And if you get tired of riding their drag strip, mud bog, rock crawl, or banked oval track, take it easy and relax on the front nine of their outdoor Disc Golf course!

You can’t ride out East and skip over Appalachia, and some of the best parts of the Appalachian Mountain Range fall within the borders of Tennessee. The right destinations for you in east TN will depend on how rough, scenic, or muddy you want things to be. Windrock, for example, has a lot to offer – from an abandoned passenger train with engines and different classes of passenger gars, to Brushy Mountain State Penitentiary with its own distillery, windmills, views, etc.

Royal Blue and Brimstone are both lovely areas to ride a Razor in Tennessee, but if you want to explore some rougher areas with caves and airplane wreckage, Tackett Creek is where it’s at! Unless you go to the Sandmine side, Royal Blue is mostly a giant mud hole. Nevertheless, Royal Blue has some cool stuff to visit, like a waterfall, an elk-viewing tower, and an eternal flame.

The trails inside Pickett Creek State Forest on the border of Tennessee and Kentucky are worth checking out, then you can hop over to West Verginia and mess around on the Outlaw Trails in Pinnacle Creek and the proverbial Hatfield-McCoy Trails – a sprawling network of trails that wind through mountainous terrain across multiple different counties within the state!

Best Places To Ride A UTV In The South

Be it the Everglades in Florida or the Ozarks in Arkansas, the American South is a Dixyland delight for riders who like to get down and dirty! Much of Texas is privately-held land, which means that there’s mud parks galore! While ORV parks may not be the right fit for those looking to find inner peace and transcendence, they’re a great option for riders who like to slam throttles and sip from bottles! The Sabine ATV Park in deep east Texas out of Burkville is a nice little place to ride – and by little, we mean nearly 3,000 acres. And if you find yourself near Jacksonville, you can’t pass up River Run! For other Texas off-road treasures, check out our piece on the best UTV Trails, ORV, Trails, and Off-Road Parks in Texas!

In northern GA, you’ve got the Durhamtown Off-Road Resort for extreme action, and places like Union Point for less mayhem and more tranquility. If you’re moving West from there, you can roll through Top Trail OHV park in Alabama, or if you’re venturing south, you’ve got places like Hog Waller and the Ocala Forest down in Florida!

More north-westerly are the Ozarks of Arkansas and the can’t-miss riding destinations in Oklahoma like Waynoka, Disney, and the Little Sahara. Regarding the former, there are many great places to off-road in Arkansas, from the Wilderness Rider Buffalo Ranch for riding and camping, to Mulberry Mountain and the Devils Den in north-western Arkansas. Check out our sister site Everything Polaris Ranger for more info on the top UTV trails in Arkansas!

Best Places To Ride A UTV In The Rockies

The rugged and often desolate lands surrounding the Rocky Mountains are scenic, technical, and great for everything from hardcore hill climbs to chill dirt-trail cursing. The Big Sky country up in Montana is breathtaking, while the Snowy Range Mountains just above Centennial Wyoming provide riders with ample fishing holes, amazing views, and bucolic restaurants / hotels for an authentic experience in the Cowboy State!

In Idaho, you’ve got places like St. Anthony, and in South Dakota, the Black Hills are incredibly popular. Utah is home to the notorious rock-crawling Mecca of Moab, but the off-roading throughout the state in locations like Paiute Trail and Sand Hollow are spectacular as well.

The highest state in the Union, Colorado, is an unequivocal frontrunner for one of the best places to off-road in America, with popular spots being Taylor Park, Lake City, and Silverton to name a few. And while Nevada may not technically be a part of the Rocky Mountain region, the territory within the state is 85% public land, with dunes, mountains, deserts, and more! Wherever you go in the Rockies though, be prepared, because the cell service is sparse and you’ll be a long way from anywhere once you’re in the thick of it!

Closing Thoughts And Honorable Mentions

There are thousands upon thousands of places to ride in America, with every state in the Union having something unique to offer. Some states and counties are less UTV friendly on the legal side of things, while others have liberalized their UTV laws and invested heavily in either creating off-road trails from scratch, or converting existing logging roads / forest tracks into trails for OHV machines.

New Mexico and Arizona are top riding destinations during winter, while the Upper Peninsula of Michigan is drop-dead gorgeous during summer -- and the Cheese Trails of Wisconsin are worth checking out as well. Some spots are better for family recreation, while others are geared more towards the fun and excitement of shredding hard! But no matter where you are or where your heading, there are sure to be some amazing UTV riding destinations along the way!