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Never drink warm beverages on the trail and prevent your food from getting soggy with a Polaris RZR cooler from Everything Polaris RZR! Attach a hard-sided Polaris RZR cooler box to your UTV with some Polaris RZR cooler mounts, Polaris RZR cooler straps, and Polaris RZR cooler brackets, or get yourself a soft-sided Polaris RZR cooler with built-in Polaris RZR cooler hold downs that can wrap around your rig’s frame, roll cage, or seats!
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One thing the Polaris RZR is great for is off-road excursions. The Polaris RZR can take you places a car or truck could never. Whether you’re going hunting, fishing, camping, or exploring a remote wilderness, no where is off limits to you and your Polaris RZR. However, if your adventure is longer than a day or so, you want to be prepared. Unless you want to starve or die of thirst, you need a way to carry and store fresh food and beverages. That’s why a good side by side cooler or cooler bag should be on the checklist for any multi-day trip.

One mistake many Polaris RZR owners make is thinking they can bring their beach cooler along for an off-road excursion. A standard beach or picnic cooler is not built to withstand the harsh conditions of off-roading, nor do they feature the proper insulation required to keep food, water, or game cold for days on end. Your beach or picnic cooler isn’t tough enough to withstand getting thrown around, and it won’t be able to keep out the water, mud, and rain. UTV coolers and cooler bags are designed to handle all of the above and can be relied on for the toughest of journeys.

From the Polaris RZR Rugged Offroad Cooler Bag by Assault Industries and the Polaris RZR Mountable Cooler Bags by Nelson-Rigg to Polaris RZR 24 Pack Cooler Bag by Greene Mountain Outdoors, we have all the best side by side coolers and cooler bags for the Polaris RZR. When it comes to UTV coolers, the options at your disposal are vast to say the least. But regardless of whether you splurged on a top-of-the-line Yeti cooler, or if you use a Walmart bag filled with ice, the fundamental purpose of a side-by-side cooler remains the same. But when it comes to achieving this end-goal, not all UTV coolers are created equal. With regards to the Polaris RZR, finding a cooler that fits well in its small bed can be a challenge. Furthermore, ensuring that the cooler is properly strapped in and ready for bumpy riding can be problematic as well. While ropes, bungees, and ratchet straps can work, they usually span the lid and restrict cooler access if you don’t have proper loops and/or fasteners on the sides of your cooler.

Are you into hunting? Ordering a good UTV cooler for your Polaris RZR is the perfect way to prepare for your next hunting trip. Keep your freshly killed game on ice with coolers from Everything Polaris RZR. From your weekend camping trips to your quick treks to the lake, we have the perfect coolers for your Polaris RZR. You can get Wheeled Elite Coolers for your RZR XP 1000, Rugged Off-Road Cooler Bags for your RZR XP Turbo, and Soft Coolers for your RZR-S 1000. We supply high-quality coolers for whatever capacity you need including 20QT, 25QT, 45QT, 50QT, 55QT 70QT, 80QT, 95QT, and even 150QT coolers. Available in a range of colors that are sure to match your rig, these heavy-duty side by side coolers are the top choice among UTV riders and Polaris RZR owners. We only partner with the best brands in the UTV aftermarket accessory industry to supply our coolers and cooler bags. With names like Pelican Coolers and Assault Industries, you know you’ll be able to trust in the durability and strength of the cooler you purchase. Get the best coolers for your side by side from Everything Polaris RZR.

In addition to having a UTV cooler that can be safely secured in place on your Polaris RZR, other factors such as durability, insulation, cooling longevity, color, and draining features might play a role when deciding which side-by-side cooler to go with for your Polaris RZR. The 26qt Ozark cooler is popular, but it lacks a drain plug. Coolers that fit in the Polaris RZR’s rigid box are nice. However, you may find they are limited in terms of carrying capacity. But no matter what you are looking for in a UTV cooler, at Everything Polaris RZR, we’ve got you covered. Be it a large cooler to use when hunting or a small day-cooler for keeping drinks cold on the trail, we’ve got the widest selection of Polaris RZR coolers for every application!

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