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Ride longer and experience better performance from your Polaris RZR4 by upgrading to a set of these high-quality UTV Axles from Everything Polaris RZR. Swap out those weak, underperforming factory OEM axles on your Polaris RZR4 for something made to endure the rigorous workout your escapades will give them. With all these axles to choose from you will be able to start riding the harshest trails and attack the most challenging courses with ease.  We offer a comprehensive product selection, from brands you know and trust, like SuperATV, Rhino, and more! Improve your driving experience with a UTV axle that you found here at Everything Polaris RZR.


1 - 36 of 99 products

1 - 36 of 99 products

Make your UTV outperform your competitors by upgrading your OEM axles with the best of best - offered here at Everything Polaris RZR! Upgrade to a Polaris RZR4 Axle Accessory for your Side x Side. Buy one today and get back to the rocks, sand dunes, and overgrown fields! Strong and durable, these axles enhance your riding capabilities. Why not make your Side x Side the best it can be? With a choice of robust, high-quality UTV Axle Accessories to choose from, we’re certain you will find something that meets your needs!  You’ll be pleased with not only the resilience and strength of the product you purchased but with your overall shopping experience with Everything Polaris RZR as well! We know Polaris RZR4 accessories, and we know that these UTV Axle Accessories are some of the best on the market!

There are a lot of factors that go into the performance of a Polaris RZR4 axle. You could put 1,500 hard miles on your machine and not experience any problems, our you could break your drive shaft at the yoke after only 100 miles. But whether you had an RZR4 axle break after putting it on its side, you’re looking for a beefier axle to better handle a lift kit, or you’re replacing the same axle for the third time because you race too hard, there are a number of quality Polaris RZR4 axles to choose from. Heavy-Duty Tusk axles and Warthog axles are popular right now, but when it comes to price, it’s hard to beat Sixty Axles. Commonly referred to as fuseable driveline links, Sixty axles are cheap and easy to install, making them perfect for swapping on after you break an axle in the boonies.

If you’re putting in new wheel bearings or doing other work that requires you to remove your RZR4 axle, make sure that you tighten it to 180lbs when you put it back on. If you don’t torque your axle nuts down to spec, you may experience a bit of play in your bearings, which can wear them out quicker. Looking to lift your RZR4 while still using stock axles? You can go with a taller tire, but you might break your axle yokes more frequently. You can also tighten the springs an in and a half or so which will make the ride a little better and raise your RZR4 around three inches.

When considering axles, you should also know that not all axles will work for all Polaris RZR4s. For example, the front and rear CV axles are not the same on the Turbo RZRs and RZR XP 1000s. Generally, the two front RZR axles are the same, and the two rear RZR axles are the same. But a rear RZR axle will not work on the front. That being said, some axles can be interchanged in an emergency to get you off the trail, but after that, you should swap it out for a properly fitting RZR4 axle.

The factory axles on your machine are tough. They are built to match the resilience of your machine but, even as tough as they are, they have their limits. There is simply some terrain that you need to upgrade your machine’s axles to be able to handle. If it is a matter of replacing the axles on your 2020 RZR 4 XP1000, then you will find the perfect match for your Side by Side right here. The axles we carry will also work flawlessly with the 2020 RZR 4 XP Turbo and even the 2020 RZRS 4 S1000. Do not let a broken axle cost you too much time away from the trail and better yet with your new axle you will be even more confident in the next trail or course that you decide to tackle. The axles that we carry are made by brands some of which are trusted and used by professional races across the globe. SuperATV, Warthog, Badass Unlimited, Titan Axles, and High Lifter are just a few of these brands.

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