Polaris RZR 4

Here at Everything Polaris RZR, we pride ourselves for being the go-to destination for all things Polaris RZR 4 related.  Be it accessories for the four-door Polaris RZR, trail guides, or RZR 4 repair advice, riders know where to turn when they need assistance with their RZR crew cab. Did you just get a Polaris RZR Turbo S velocity and are looking to upgrade it with a new exhaust system? Are you trying to figure out whether to buy an RZR pro XP or wondering the difference between a 2-door RZR and a 4-door RZR? Here at Everything Polaris RZR, we know what’s what, and can give you the info and the accessories you need to put the power in Polaris. Things such as width, suspension, and cockpit comfortability all play a roll in the type of RZR that is best for you. And depending on the geographic location in which you ride, nimbleness and agility may be more important that pure power and acceleration. While the Turbo S RZR has better suspension than, say, a Pro XP RZR over whoops and at high speeds, the Pro XP is generally regarded as a more comfortable machine cab wise, and does far better with regards to handling around narrow and windy trails.

The 2-seater RZR is of course faster and better for keeping the freeloaders at bay, but the 4-seater RZR is an easy roller, capable of nearly everything the RZR is but with the ability to carry both more people and more cargo. Get the 4 seater, take the rear seats out and buy the pop in rack to have the ultimate side-by-side setup! Heck, get the RZR 4, remove the motor, and put a V8 engine it it — the mod possibilities are virtually endless. Go to a place like Pritchet Canyon Moab in your 2 seater without winching and you’ll immediately realize that the RZR 4 has better approach/departures angles, provides a smoother ride, climbs better, and is more stable. The only advantage a 2 seater is that it has a tighter turning radius. But we’ll digress and let you browse our wide selection of RZR 4 accessories and products… not that your stock 2020 RZR 4 needs them anyhow.

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