Warthog was established some years back and since then, they have changed the quality and availability of axles we have today for UTVs. With their headquarters in Columbia, they have found a way to move from creating just simple axles to complex but easy to use UTV axles, such as those seen on the Polar RZR. They have taken charge of the current manufacturing of premium UTV axles. Over the years, Warthog has been developing the best heavy-duty axles you can find out there for any UTV model and sub model of your choice. The Polaris RZR for example enjoys axles which are designed for performance loving riders. They bring you superior axle shafts built for high performance at high speeds on extreme terrains. The beefy Warthog axles are the perfect complement to allow you to push your machine to its limits giving you the optimum performance you deserve.

Why do riders love Warthog? Just as we said earlier, the quality of their axles are superb as well as their other UTV accessories. CNC precision machined CV joints filled with top-notch moly grease provide low friction and smooth motion which enables your Side x Side to move through different terrains without any drawback.

What differentiates the Warthog heavy duty axle from other UTV aftermarket accessories brands is not only the quality of the components but also the optimized machining processes used in manufacturing. The great team members of Warthog ensure that these products are rigorously tested for optimum performance, prior to being offered to you, the consumer. As a result, these products only are made available when they are 100% premium quality and without any fault. For example, the axles implemented in a Polaris RZR enables it to blaze across dunes, race down trails, and even blast through deep mud holes without having to worry about breaking down. Warthog CV boots are made of TPEE (Thermoplastic Polyester Elastomer) which is a tougher material and provides excellent puncture and flex fatigue resistance.

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