The Top Pros and Cons of Owning a Polaris RZR!

Feb 15th 2022

We all love our Polaris RZR, right?

The intricacies of ownership all add up to the amazing experience we have come to expect from owning any Polaris product. But what about those that are in the market for a new (or used) Polaris RZR? Surely, there must be some downsides to all of the upsides of RZR ownership?

Well, as it turns out, that statement is correct.

As much as RZR owners love their UTVs, a quick search online will yield no shortage of vocal riders making their opinion’s known.

So let's go over some of the pros and cons of owning a Polaris RZR while we are here, shall we?

The Not-So-Great Aspects Of Polaris RZRs

Since the pros outweigh the cons -- in our opinion at least -- we should start with the cons to get them out of the way. Because when scouring the online forums and video reviews of the Polaris RZR, a few perceived downsides become apparent.

Many owners have complained about available cargo space in the various RZR models. Although the RZR isn’t exactly marketed as a utility vehicle, it seems that a lot of owners want to use it that way in addition to the trail eating off-road monster that it is at heart.

If this is a deal breaker, though, the base model RZR Trail 570 has a decent towing capacity of ~1,500 pounds, so adding a trailer is well within its capabilities. And to put things in perspective, most cars and compact SUV’s cannot tow 1,500 pounds, so this is no small feat!

If towing a trailer isn’t your thing, then it is also super easy to add cargo space to the RZR itself with Polaris RZR storage options. With lockable cargo boxes, center seat storage consoles and even door storage bags that attach to the inside of your side-by-side’s doors, your options are plentiful!

On the more mechanical side of things, owners of numerous different Polaris RZR models sometimes complain about the radiator getting clogged. Especially on lower-end models, the radiator isn’t shrouded by any decent protection, which allows dirt and debris to become lodged into the front of it. Mud seems to be the worst culprit, however, with owners having to pull over and spray the mud out of the radiator grill so that the vehicle doesn’t overheat.

This issue can be remedied by simply keeping a water sprayer on hand to clean the radiator off if needed, or by installing protective coverings around the engine bay so that the radiator does not come into direct contact with mud and debris.

Worst case scenario, a branch can impale the area causing you to have to purchase a replacement Polaris RZR radiator… not fun!

If these small issues weren’t enough to deter you, and even if they were, let's move on to a few of the many positive reasons to pick up a new Polaris RZR.

The Upsides of RZR Ownership - Width Matters

With so many trails out there being too small for the bigger, badder UTVs out there, your selection may be limited. The width of skinnier Polaris RZR models starts out at just 50 inches, which certainly has its benefits.

Being able to fly down trails without having to worry about tree branches or the surrounding environment taking you out is a big upside. But the smaller RZR models will even fit in many pickup truck beds / UTV decks, meaning you don’t need to purchase a separate trailer just to transport your side-by-side to the trail or campsite. The same goes for storing the RZR in your garage or yard, as most models take up very little space. That gives you room for things you don’t necessarily need, but are going to buy anyways, right?

Popularity Contest

With the ever growing popularity of the Polaris RZR lineup, a very positive trend has come to fruition: customizability.

As a leading manufacturer of side-by-sides and off-road vehicles, Polaris has garnered the attention of the aftermarket community at large. There are replacement parts for the Polaris RZR from hundreds of manufacturers that are readily available.

Wish your RZR had a wider stance for better stability and more comfortable trail rides? Simply swap out the stock parts for replacement Polaris RZR Portal Gear Lifts, add long-travel axles and bigger, wider tires. Your UTV will go from a capable off-roader to a trail-eating monster keeping up with machines many times its size and price.

Even if you buy a base model Razor without any upgrades to it at all, you can make the upgrades yourself over time. Whats more, is you’ll likely spend less money this way, and be able to choose the right performance parts to match the terrain and use case of your specific situation.

Easily add performance upgrades to step up your UTV’s status as well, with mods such as Polaris RZR shocks and springs adding strength and ride comfort, or an aftermarket Polaris RZR Air Intake to improve air flow to the engine, and in turn increase horsepower! Any perceived downsides of owning the RZR can almost always be solved by customizing it to your demanding heart’s content.

Customizing the Polaris RZR is super easy, and the options are virtually endless!

The Polaris RZR has proven itself as a strong contender throughout the off-road community ever since its inception.

And each new release brings improvements over previous generations, which makes one point extremely evident: Polaris cares about their owners. For a company to constantly make improvements to design, form and function is no small nor cheap feat. It is a respectable grind, and it is just one of many reasons why buying a Polaris RZR is a solid decision no matter who you are.