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Portal Gear Lifts

If you race your Polaris RZR, portals might not be in the cards for you. But if you rock crawl, mud bog, or hill climb, the added ground clearance and reduced gearing that comes with Polaris RZR portal gear lifts could be exactly what you need. Many RZR owners use portal gear lifts in place of bracket lits to avoid broken axles and clutch issues. But unlike other styles of UTV lift kits, portal gear lifts for the Polaris RZR will get you back to stock power after installing bigger tires. The torque increases brought about by gear reductions are phenomenal. And although factory gear reductions of 12% in high and 18% in low are available for the Polaris RZR transmission, these pale in comparison to the 45% gear reductions available with Polaris RZR portal gear lifts. While it is true that Polaris RZR portals can get up there in terms of cost, if you factor in the savings you’ll achieve by not having to constantly replace axles, differential boots, and other drivetrain components, chances are that you’ll actually be saving money in the long run with Polaris RZR portals. So for those that want to spin 40” tires in the deep and nasty stuff without breaking a sweat, a Polaris RZR portal gear lift from Everything Polaris RZR is worth considering at the very least!  

In the good old days with generation 1 and 2 portal gear lifts, 4” Polaris RZR portals gave the UTV a 30% gear reduction, while 6” Polaris RZR portals gave the UTV a 45% gear reduction. With Gen 3 Polaris RZR portals, however, you can choose the reduction level to perfectly match your wants, needs, and riding style. That being said, you’re still slightly limited with generation 3 portal gear lifts. Four-inch gen 3 Polaris RZR portals come with either a 15% or 30% gear reduction, while six-inch gen 3 Polaris RZR portals offer the choice between 30% and 45% gear reductions. The only gen 3 Polaris RZR portal size that doesn’t give you a choice for the level of gear reduction is eight-inch portals, which will reduce your rig’s gering by 45%. Regardless of whether you’re after Polaris RZR 800 portals, Polaris RZR 900 portals, or Polaris RZR 570 portals, your one-stop-shop for all things Polaris RZR portal gear-related is Everything Polaris RZR!

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