Polaris RZR Featured Brand: SuperATV

May 12th 2019

From A Small Fish To An Industry Whale 

With humble beginnings making a single product — a 2” lift kit for the Polaris Sportsman — out of the founder’s garage, SuperATV has com to dominate the aftermarket UTV parts scene. Today, their 500,000sq.ft warehouse and 600 acre testing facility employs a team of in-house designers, fabricators, and engineers that are consistently bringing UTV parts concepts through the prototype phase, past testing, and onto manufacturing. And because SuperATV both manufacturers and distributes their own products, they can offer superior quality at discount prices. 

While they have diversified to other UTVs like Gators, Yamahas, Kawasakis, and even golf carts, they have stayed true to their Polaris roots, providing parts for Generals, RZRs, Rangers, and Sportsmans. Their product family is diverse, consisting of well-known names such as Rhino Axles, Assassinator Tires, and Gear Driven Performance. But the depth and breadth of their product lineup is too expansive to list here. However, of particular note are their windshields — the SATV flip-up windshield in particular —, their lower doors, and their winches.   

The Rackboss steering rack and pinion by SuperATV is another one of their flagship products. It was designed to handle master tires, the gnarliest of terrain, and an inordinate amount of use and abuse. According to them, it is the longest-lasting rack and pinion on the market. And based on customer feedback we’ve received, we can’t disagree.   

Customer Satisfaction And Quality Accessories

From conversations with customers, dealers, and random riders on the trail, we here at Everything Polaris RZR have had the opportunity to pick the brains of many smart people. We’ve found that, in general, a lot of RZR owners and other UTV riders haven’t had a ton of great experiences with any Polaris-branded accessories. Things like poor fitment, fundamental design flaws in the products, and over-the-top prices leave riders wanting more. And this gap in the market is one of the reasons why SuperATV has excelled. Their attention to detail, their rigorous testing and iterative prototyping, and their commitment to keeping costs low are why UTV riders of all makes, models, and brands have come to trust and embrace SATV products; putting aside their rivalries and finding common ground.  

Ask most riders and they’ll tell you that they have had nothing but good experiences with them. A friend of the site bought their 900 trail power steering, upgraded carrier bearing, bumpers, winches and their half windshield. She told us that all the components work as designed and she has experienced years of trouble-free service out of them — leading her to also buy their tuner and clutch kit recently. 

When Stock Parts Fail

In addition to their aftermarket accessories, SuperATV also makes replacement UTV parts and upgrades for a variety of side-by-sides, 4x4s, and off road utility vehicles. The SuperATV carrier bearing, for instance, is a popular replacement for the OEM bering carrier. RZR owners like the fact that they can grease it for longevity, and the retainer on it that gets mounted on the prop shaft next to the bearing helps to prevent the driveline from working its way backwards on the rear yoke and slipping of the bearing due to vibrations, imbalances, and improper phasing of the driveline.

Easy Install?

If you know what you’re doing, you shouldn’t have more trouble installing SuperATV’s accessories than you would any other brand. However, because of their singular focus on making the best UTV parts and accessories, SATV can sometimes fall short on their instructions. Many accessories come with directions that leave out important steps, even making it hard for those with mechanical knowledge and experience to follow. A customer who bought one of their windshields told us that it came with instructions, but the instructions didn’t mention why it had two different weather strips. 

It’s kind of like a doctor who makes a half a million dollars per year and can't write a simple, legible, prescription that your pharmacist can read. However, even though their instructions seem to be written by a two-year-old, their website has a host of instructional videos to walk you through the install process — not to mention YouTube and Google searches. 

Unlike their instructions, their customer support is A+. If anything is missing or damaged, simply call them up and they’ll ship it out. A buddy of ours even broke a clamp for his new rear window, told them he accidentally broke it, and they still shipped out a new one for free. And if you are getting extremely frustrated with a tough install, their tech is a super nice guy and will help you on the phone when you’re fed up and about to quit. 

Fanning The Flames Of Off-Road Fanaticism 

Whether you’re a racer, hill climber, or a weekend trail warrior, SuperATV can help you do what you do, only better. They are a family-owned and family-run business, putting their customers over profits. So if you’re on the fence about a particular product, not sure about an accessory, or wondering what replacement part will work best, going with a trusted brand like SuperATV is always a good option.