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Polaris RZR XP 900 Power Steering Kit by SuperATV

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SuperATV’s Power Steering Kit for the Polaris RZR XP 900 is designed to drastically reduce steering effort and eliminate unwanted steering rack feedback. It will enable you to speed through uneven terrain without experiencing that annoying wheel jerk effect -- which will ultimately reduce driver fatigue and extend your ride times. The kit includes a 100% watertight control box -- with sealed input and output shafts -- and is relatively easy to install with no soldering required.

  • Brand: SuperATV

Polaris RZR XP 900 Power Steering Kit

The Polaris RZR Power Steering Kit for the Polaris RZR XP 900 utilizes EZ-STEER technology, which reduces driver fatigue, eliminates bump steer, and lowers the risks associated with losing control of the wheel. Thanks to SuperATV, even the most delicate women and frailest men can drive from sunup till sundown.

Polaris RZR riders will love how easy it becomes to drive their UTV with this power steering kit. You can easily navigate rocks, mud, and uneven terrain without having to deal with “twitchiness” or the strenuous wheel jerk effect. Steering becomes effortless and instantly responsive. Plus, the control box seal is watertight, and the input/output shafts are sealed, so you can pressure wash or even submerge your UTV without damaging or shorting the power steering circuit board.

Weighing in at eighteen pounds and using 220 watt-hours, this is hands down one of the best modifications you can make to your ride -- and it’s worth every penny. It can be installed in a few hours and with limited know-how (with many instructional tutorials and videos available online). Optimize your ride for a smoother and effort-free experience and order now!

Getting your vehicle to turn as effortlessly as you want it to is a task made easy with Polaris RZR XP 900 Power Steering Kit by SuperATV. The robust power steering enables you to take a sharp turn with minimum efforts. The unique and smart design works in your favor by reducing steering effort along with limiting the unnecessary friction faced by steering rack feedback. Making it an ideal accessory for all those of the roads or obstacles filled endeavors. With the best part being its unique mechanism reduce constraints to the vehicle and fatigue to the driver alike. Meaning that those long hours on the road will never be stressful again.

Power Steering Kit Features :

  • Compact control box for easier mounting and installation.
  • NO soldering required for EZ-STEER wiring.
  • Watertight control box and connectors.
  • Sealed input and output shafts.
  • Reduces steering effort.
  • Eliminates bump steer.
  • Uses 220 watt-hours.
  • Weighs 18 pounds.

Product Fitment

RZR Vehicle (2 Seater) 2014 RZR XP 900 2013 RZR XP 900 2012 RZR XP 900 2011 RZR XP 900
RZR 4 Vehicle (4 Seater) No
Polaris RZR RS1 N/A
Polaris ACE Vehicle N/A
RZR 170 (Youth) N/A
Polaris ACE 150 (Youth) N/A

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Product Questions

Question: Is this steering kit compatible with the 4-seater Polaris RZR?
Answer: No, the Polaris RZR XP 900 Power Steering Kit by SuperATV is not compatible with the Polaris RZR 4.
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Question: Will this kit go with a 2014 RZR XP 900?
Answer: Yes, the Polaris RZR XP 900 Power Steering Kit by SuperATV will go with the 2014 RZR XP 900.
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Question: How much does this kit weigh?
Answer: The Polaris RZR XP 900 Power Steering Kit by SuperATV weighs about eighteen pounds.
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