Personalizing Your Polaris RZR Exterior

Jan 29th 2021

If you want to personalize your UTV to achieve a more unique look, if you need your rig to blend in with the surrounding environment, or if you want to match colors / appearances with the other vehicles in your racing team, riding crew, or family, there are many ways to customize the exterior of the Polaris RZR, the RZR 4, the RZR Pro, and the RZR Turbo. Lift kits and aggressive tires can definitely alter the look of your side-by-side, and things like bumpers, fender flares, and extended vent covers will often change the profile of the machine. But if you want to really customize your Razor for a one-of-a-kind appearance, Polaris RZR exterior mods like paint jobs, body wraps, and surface coatings are the way to go. We’ll touch on each of these items / processes below to give you a better understanding of how you can personalize your Polaris RZR Exterior.

Painting Your Polaris RZR Body Plastics

One way to revamp the body color of your 4x4 is to simply paint it. This is easier said than done however. Although the painting process itself is relatively quick and painless, the more important part of the procedure -- prep work -- requires a fair bit of care, due diligence, and time. When you’re preparing your bike for a color change, clean, clean again, then clean some more. You can hit your plastics and RZR body panels with a maroon pad, give them a little wet sanding, and wipe them down with Armor All or 1040 oil to help the paint bond better. Take an Emery Cloth to the panels as well to get them as smooth as possible before applying the first coat of adhesion promoter.

Do a few coats of adhesion promoter, making sure to let each prior coat dry before the next one. After that, you can prime the surfaces, paint them with a color of your choosing, and then apply a finishing clear coat. Things like automotive paint, SEM paint, and Nason’s single stage urethane paint work well on sport utility vehicles like the RZR, just make sure to mix in a flex promoter additive so that the paint doesn’t flake off or chip after years of rough impacts and constant jostling. As long as you do it right, your Polaris RZR paint job should withstand both the tests of time as well as the tribulations of the trail!

Wrapping Your Polaris RZR

Things like decal deletes can significantly alter the look of your Polaris RZR’s exterior. But if you want to make a dramatic change to the body of your rig that’ll make both jaws and panties drop, a vinyl wrap is a sound option to go with. Companies like Adventures in Vinyl by Murry Powersports design, create, ship, and install custom vinyl wraps for the Polaris RZR. Polaris RZR body wraps such as these aren’t hard to install, but they do take a bit of time -- especially if you’re inexperienced.

The good UTV wrap makers out there provide detailed instructions with their wrap kits, and use color-coded templates to make it easy to tell where each piece of the wrap needs to go. Quality wraps are also quite durable, and hold up well against trees, sagebrush, and other off-road hazards. You could have bushes brush up against wrapped doors without leaving scratches, and tree limbs slide over wrapped roofs without leaving gashes. And if something does happen to your wrap job, the company you bought it from should be able to reproduce any part of it for a quick and simple fix. Body stickers are one thing, but if you want a badass bike that looks nothing like the rest, a Polaris RZR wrap will do the trick nicely!

Finishing Touches For The Polaris RZR Exterior

Standard cleaning products like Wet Shine, Armor All, and Pledge can give your rig a shiny aesthetic. But if you want your RZR to truly pop, hitting it with wax polishes, ceramic coatings, and high-gloss sprays like SC1 will leave it looking immaculate. And in addition to adding an appealing sheen to your UTV, many of these products also protect and even restore the look and luster of the underlying body panels. 

Closing Thoughts On The Polaris RZR Exterior

Ride your RZR how you want to ride it, go wherever it is that you want to go, and make your RZR look exactly how you want it to look. Although determinists might beg to differ, we believe that human beings were born with an innate right to make their own personal choices. So if you choose to add some style and pizzazz to your Polaris RZR exterior, we will give you nothing but positive encouragement!