How Wide is Your Polaris RZR?

Apr 10th 2022

With everything you research while shopping for a new Polaris RZR, the width of the side-by-side likely isn’t on your list at all.

But it should be!

The Polaris RZR comes in many shapes, sizes and especially widths. 

Too many buyers get tunnel vision while looking at all of the specs and features, and understandably so. In all honesty, horsepower, torque, top speed and seating capacity are all way more attractive subjects than finding out the width and dimensions of the UTV, right?

Well, the width of your new RZR will become more important than you may yet think, so let's talk about why!

Before we set off on this whirlwind width adventure, lets cover some basic info first:

Common Polaris RZR Models and Their Dimensions

Now I know that looks like a lot of Polaris RZR models to you, and you’d be surprised to know that this isn’t even all of them. Not to mention that Polaris also makes other UTV’s we didn’t even have room to list here!

With widths varying from the compact and nimble 50in Polaris RZR Trail 570, all the way up to the monster-sized stance of the 74in Polaris RZR Pro R 4, it’s safe to say Polaris should have a size of UTV that is perfect for each person’s specific needs.

So what exactly are those specific needs we need to worry about?

Why Polaris RZR Width Matters

In the world of UTV’s, width matters for many reasons.

Today we will discuss a few of the most important use cases that will be heavily influenced by the dimensions of your Polaris RZR:

  • UTV Trails with Size Restrictions
  • Transporting the RZR via Trailer
  • Overlanding and Camping with your Polaris RZR

Let's get into it, shall we?

UTV Trails with Size Restrictions

One of the most popular uses of the Polaris RZR, is simply flying down trails.

As simple as it sounds, trail riding can be an extremely fun activity and is easily one of the top reasons people buy a RZR in the first place. Not every trail is made equal, though.

Just like the RZR lineup, popular trails come in many different sizes.

Along with those different trail sizes, can come rules and regulations as to what size UTV is or isn’t allowed to travel down them. For instance, a trailhead that has a sign saying it has a max size limit of 50 inches means that only the smallest UTVs will be able to safely ride down it. Sometimes this means that UTVs aren’t allowed at all, and only an ATV or motorcycle will be able to safely be ridden on it.

It is important to abide by these restrictions, too, as there can be many consequences if you choose to ignore them.

Aside from a possible ticket and fine if the area has enforcement of the rules, you can also damage the trail itself if your RZR is too wide. Riding down the trail, snapping branches and leaving debris for the riders behind you to have to try and avoid is definitely not the decent thing to do. And the chances of you damaging your UTV or injuring yourself go up greatly as well.

Thankfully, all it takes is a little research before you head out to the trails to find out if there are any size restrictions and you’ll be good to go. And if you’re reading this from Texas and need help finding trails, check out our post Best UTV Trails In Texas, ORV Trails In Texas, And Other Places To Ride A Polaris RZR In Texas!

Transporting your RZR on a Trailer

Since we are on the subject of size restrictions, we should definitely talk about trailering your Polaris RZR.

Whether you already own a transport trailer, or are worried about getting the right trailer setup for your Polaris RZR, the width of both the UTV and trailer come into play.

Smaller cargo trailers may be able to fit the Polaris RZR Trail or even the Trail S, but to fit the wide footprint of something like a Polaris RZR Pro XP 4 or Turbo R 4, a much larger trailer is going to be needed. These UTV’s take up as much space as many common cars do, so a small cargo trailer simply won’t cut it.

Choosing your UTV size and trim based on the size of trailer you already have at home wouldn’t exactly be the best way to go about it, though, so be ready to pickup a new one so that you can safely and securely transport your Polaris RZR from trail to campsite and more.

Polaris RZR Overlanding and Camping

As a fantastic solo and family outdoors activity, Overlanding has taken the world by storm.

Whats more, is that the Polaris RZR has become an increasingly popular UTV to utilize for overlanding and camping. With rooftop tents, and towing capacity ensuring you can bring all the gear you could need along with you, Polaris RZR Overlanding and Camping is an essential activity for a growing number of owners.

But why does your Polaris RZR width matter for Overlanding and Camping?

Well, as you’ll quickly find out: overlanding takes you anywhere and everywhere.

The whole point is to take your UTV down trails, through forests, over dunes and down the beaches. Traversing the open wilderness in style, to get to your next campsite. Many people use their every day vehicles to overland, but not you. You are a savvy overland enthusiast that knows the extreme rugged capabilities of the Polaris RZR will take you anywhere you want to go.

When it comes to ensuring your RZR is the most capable overlanding UTV possible, width really, really matters.

Having a wider stance makes your side-by-side infinitely more capable. A wider ride means more stability, durability and comfort on any terrain you can think of.

But how can we make our Polaris RZR even wider and more capable?

We’ve got an easy solution for that too!

Wheel spacers are a lower priced solution to add width to your build. But if you want the best performance possible, try out this combination:

Adding a Polaris RZR Portal Gear Lift Kit, Polaris RZR long travel axles and Polaris RZR A-Arm Kit will give you everything you need for your monster off-road build: Ride height and ground clearance, as well as torque compensation for the larger, wider Polaris RZR tires you’ll be able to fit with these modifications.

Sound too complicated? Thankfully for you we’ve made the whole process easy by having everything you need all in one place here at Everything Polaris RZR!