A Detailed Walkthrough Of Polaris RZR Check Engine Lights And Error Codes

Feb 27th 2021

Some Polaris RZR error codes arise after tuning, while others indicate serious problems that must be taken care of immediately. And even though check engine lights / error messages on the Polaris RZR are inconvenient to say the least, ignoring them will lead to further inconveniences down the line. If you’re lucky, something as simple as a loose dash switch wire or a faulty connector will be causing your RZR to throw errors. But if you beat on your machine like a school bully with anger issues, error codes might result from more serious problems. Whatever the case may be for you and your particular situation, here is a detailed walkthrough of Polaris RZR check engine lights and error codes.

Polaris RZR Cylinder Misfire Codes

Polaris RZR engine error codes often appear after riders replace their belts. As such, getting the correct Polaris RZR belt replacement is crucial to avoid slippage; but this alone might still not be enough. Polaris RZR 1000 editions are particularly finicky with regards to belts, and even the slightest defect or flat spot can result in the belt slipping and an error message being thrown.

After changing your Polaris RZR belt, fiber strands or chunks of rubber might be left behind from the old belt, which often prevents the new belt from fitting properly. Accordingly, cleaning both your new belt as well as your Polaris RZR clutch sheaves will ensure that no residual material is left behind from the old belt. Many riders scrub their RZR clutches with Scotch Bright before installing a new belt, and use Dawn dish soap on the belt itself prior to install it. Alternatively, brake cleaner can also be used to clean your Polaris RZR clutch sheaves. But if you go this route, make sure to hit everything with some rubbing alcohol afterwards, as some brake cleaners have chemicals in them that will cause the belt to slip.

Error 65590/91/2 is a Polaris RZR misfire code that is frequently caused by a slipping belt. However, if the belt is not the issue and you actually have a misfire (and the O2 sensor code 3056 is also thrown), then you probably have a lean / rich running condition stemming from something else. The codes should clear themselves when the fault is gone and the motor has gone through 5,000 rotations. Driving around in Low will help as well, as this forces the engine to run at higher rpms.

Ruling out the belt, the oxygen sensor, and the O2 sensor wiring harness is the best place to start. If the error codes persist, you can also replace the spark plugs or get a bypass plug / fooler. There is also another trick you can try that involves the battery to clear Polaris RZR error codes. Simply unhook the battery and touch the cable leads together to drain all the stored energy. If false positive error codes are being displayed, this should clear them.

Polaris RZR O2 Sensor Error Code

Another common Polaris RZR error code is 520209 5, which indicates that you either have a defective Oxygen Sensor or a short in your O2 sensor wiring / wire harness. If this code gets thrown by your RZR, start by checking all four wires that lead to and from the O2 sensor for damage, abrasion, and chafing. Check the ohms settings of each wire to ensure that the current is normal, and if everything checks out, replacing your O2 sensor -- as well as the O2 sensor plugs -- should rectify the situation.

Common Causes Of Polaris RZR Error Codes

Be it in the EPAS (electric power assisted steering) system, the Vehicle Speed Sensor, or the Engine Speed, a common error code that gets thrown by the Polaris RZR regardless of the specific culprit is “data erratic, intermittent, or incorrect”. A faulty chassis relay fuse can cause this, and so can a chafed, stripped, or otherwise grazed wire hitting the frame and grounding out. A shorted wire or wire harness will cause your fuse to blow instantly, which then throws a number of error codes such as 520226 - 2, 84 - 2, or 190 - 2. So instead of blowing a bunch of money on brand new parts and equipment, the best course of action for such error codes is to check for short circuits, corrosion, and uncoupling in the vehicle's relays, wire harnesses, and the wires themselves.

Closing Thoughts On Polaris RZR Error Codes And Check Engine Lights

Whether Polaris RZR error codes have got you stuck in limp mode, or they’re having no noticeable effect on your RZR, you should neither ignore error codes nor freak out about them when they appear. Things like injector connections can cause error codes to be thrown, along with a dozen other things like map sensors, cam chain tensioners, intake leaks, exhaust leaks, and fuel pump issues. It can be infuriating to diagnose and correct the underlying issues that cause error codes and check engine lights. But with persistence, determination, and willpower -- as well as the help of a place like Everything Polaris RZR -- you can overcome any Polaris RZR error code!