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Clutches & Clutch Kits

As anyone who has dipped their toes into the side-by-side world will tell you, each UTV is different. So a clutch kit that works great in one machine may prove less spectacular in another. Even within the Polaris RZR domain, to get the right clutch engagement and fine-tune your rig’s RPMs to your personal liking takes time and patience. For this reason, running clutch kits and other systems from manufacturers that are willing to give that time is imperative. In addition to your particular Polaris RZR edition and the aftermarket components you have installed, your ride style and where you ride will also affect your machine’s clutch performance. If you’re doing any slow crawling with big tires, Dura Clutches and those of similar ilk are great. These clutch packs are used for extremely slow operations, and the performance upgrades they produce are night and day. No more smoking belts on technical features or dunes. Dalton Clutch Kits are also popular with riders. However, some have expressed discontent with the primary spring stiffness, which causes a high clutch engagement. Another aftermarket clutch kit that receives plenty of praise is the RVS Performance clutch system by RVS Performance.

Regardless of the aftermarket Polaris RZR clutch kit that you decide on, tuning can boost its performance substantially. More clutch weight will produce lower RPMs, while less clutch weight will produce higher RPMs. In addition to the clutch weight, the starting and finishing rate on both the primary and secondary springs will alter the speed of your up-shifts, back-shifts, and RPMs as well -- with the angle steepness of the helix creating similar results. So slap it on, tune it up, and optimize your clutching to make your Polaris RZR run like a dream!

26 products

26 products

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