3 Easy Ways to Make the Polaris RZR Safer for Your Kids!

Jan 15th 2022

The exhilaration we experience while flying down a trail in a Polaris RZR is undeniable. Adrenaline rush inducing, a ride in your RZR is always a guaranteed good time.

So how can we make it even more enjoyable?

Bring the family along!

For those of us that enjoy bringing along our family members for the ride, the Polaris RZR handles things in stride. Have you been wanting to take your family on a road trip in the RZR?

Chances are the answer is a resounding ‘Yes!’

But what about the young ones in the family? Most side-by-side seats are not technically made for the younger or smaller riders that want to tag along. Just like in a normal car or truck, the seats in a RZR are designed to be safe for adults and not necessarily for kids.

In fact, in some states it happens to be written into law that child safety seats are required.

California, for instance, has passed laws mandating that children 8 years old or younger have to be seated in either a car seat or a booster seat. Whats more, is children that are two years old or younger, or weigh in at less than 40 pounds must be secured in a rear-facing car seat as well.

Looks like this means your little ones riding in your Polaris RZR is out then, right?

Thankfully that isn’t the case!

Polaris RZR Seats - Keeping Child Safety in Mind

As with any parent or guardian, the safety of our little ones is of the utmost importance. In order to make sure your RZR is ready for them to ride in, a couple of modifications may be in order.

Booster seats are one of the easiest additions to make to your UTV, and are also completely reversible. Models such as the Polaris RZR Apex Junior Seats by Aces Racing install easily right on top of your existing bucket or bench seats. The added support and security ensures that your kids are comfy, safe and sound for the entire ride. And as we discussed earlier, when you no longer need the booster seat, or simply need to make room for an adult rider instead, the seat can be removed in moments to revert your Polaris RZR seats back to stock.

Now that you’ve secured a booster seat for the little one, what else can you do to ensure their safety?

A Polaris RZR Helmet is Key

Remember when you were little and learned to ride a bike for the first time?

I sure do.

My dad reminded me to wear my helmet every single time I went out for a ride. He even went so far as to ground me, or take away my bike for a week if I didn’t wear my helmet while riding. I always thought he was being SO unfair, as if he was purposefully tormenting me.

These days, as parents we all understand why our own parents were so insistent on the whole helmet situation. They literally save lives. We may not have realized it when we were younger, and chances are your own kids may give you some grief for requiring a helmet to ride in your Polaris RZR too. But believe it or not, helmets have come a long, long way since we were all kids.

Not only do newer helmets look cooler (and yes that will be important to your kid), but they’re even safer than ever. Helmets like the Polaris RZR Bell Qualifier Pumper DOT Helmet by Rugged Radios are a fantastic all in one package: Sleek all black design, every safety feature you can think of, and are even ready to install a Polaris RZR Rugged Radios Speaker Kit so that your kids can listen to music and jam out while you chauffeur them down the trails at the speed of light!

Polaris RZR Child Safety - Finishing Touches

So, we’ve got you outfitted with a new booster seat for your little one, and an awesome new helmet to keep them safe.

What next?

Well, there are two more small upgrades we can recommend to make your Polaris RZR even safer for the kiddos.

Upgrading your seatbelts or harnesses can make an instant difference in securing your previous cargo (the kids of course). The H-Style 5 Point Racing Harness by Assault Industries will secure not only the young ones, but these are a perfect upgrade for the drivers seat as well. And you’ll get extra points for choosing the harness in your kid’s favorite color for sure.

One last addition that will add safety and comfort to your Polaris RZR for your children, or anyone who happens to ride in your RZR with you, would be extra padding for the roll cage. The Polaris RZR Side Bar and Rear Grab Handle Pads by Greene Mountain Outdoors adds much desired comfort and protection to your side-by-side, especially when speeding down bumpy back roads and hitting the occasional pot-hole.

No more bruised knees and elbows!

Just like that, with all of these modifications and upgrades here from Everything Polaris RZR, your Polaris RZR should be pretty well child-prepared and ready for anything!