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Polaris RZR 800 PyroPak Fuel Controller by DragonFire

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With an easy to use computer software program and the ability to add self-tuning devices like the PyroPak Auto-Tuner, anyone can tune like a pro! Take control of your RZR with the PyroPak controller and Feel the Heat!
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SKU: 08-1800
Brand: DragonFire

2011-2014 Polaris RZR 00, RZR S 800 & RZR 4 800 PyroPak Fuel Controller for by DragonFire-

Bid farewell to the obsolescence of the past, where hours of tinkering were required to finetune the fuel system of your Polaris RZR 800. Usher in the dawn of a new age in powersports, an age where fuel injection is controlled electronically and tuned to the tee via computers. With the PyroPak Fuel Controller by DragonFire, you can welcome the future and embrace ultimate control. The device grants you complete command of your engine’s fuel settings, as well as its ignition timing and rev-governor. It comes with easy to use computer software and can be configured to work with aftermarket self-tuning components, making you the maestro of the beautiful orchestra that is your fuel injection system.

DragonFire’s PyroPak Fuel Controller allows you to control the fuel injection system of your Polaris RZR XP 800 without the need for hours of trial-and-error testing. Tweak your ride’s fuel settings and adjust the ignition timing. Set a maximum rev speed or even install aftermarket self-tuning devices. With the PyroPak installed on your rig, you have the power to modify, adjust, and finetune almost every aspect of your RZR’s fuel injection system. It doesn't matter if you have a stock engine or one that is modified to the max, the PyroPak can handle all your EFI tuning needs.

Ensure that the fuel/air mix is optimized for all RPM levels, play around with the timing of each individual cylinder, and alter the sensitivity ranges of accelerator pumps and power valves with computerized precision. Be sure that you’re getting maximum horsepower out of your rig and know for sure that its running at a level that maximizes its long-term health. The PyroPak is easy to install. Simply plug it into the existing wiring harness between the ignition and fuel injection control. With its simple control interface, the PyroPak Fuel Controller for Polaris RZR 800 allows you to make the needed adjustments to get your engine running perfectly.

ECU Controller Features :

  • Allows for fuel settings, ignition timing and rev-limiter adjustments
  • Piggy back, plug-n-play system with the ability to tune further on the provided computer software
  • USB powered from computer (9 volt adapter is no longer needed for programming)
  • 2 position map switching function built in (map switch not included)
  • Analog input (allows user to install any 0-5 volt sensor and build an adjustment table based on its input such as boost or temperature)
  • Unit has a -100/+250% fuel change range
  • 10 throttle position columns
  • Enhanced “accel pump” utility (increased adjustment and sensitivity ranges)
  • Retains all of the standard PyroPak control features
  • Allows +/- 20 degrees of timing adjustment
  • Map switch input-change maps on the fly
  • Adjust timing per cylinder
  • Built in 500 rpm rev limiter extension with the click of a button in the software program
  • Raise your rev limiter further with a custom provided map after liability/release waiver is signed (contact DragonFire directly for more information)
  • Product fitment is specific for year of machine so make sure to select the correct part number

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