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You don’t need fancy Polaris RZR ECU tuning software or a Polaris RZR ECU flash to gain more control over your bike, because with a Polaris RZR ECU tuner from Everything Polaris RZR, you’ll have unmatched tuning capabilities in the palm of your hand! Whether you want some Polaris RZR ECU tuning to get more out of your aftermarket exhaust, or a plug-and-play Polaris RZR ECU tuner to remove the vehicle’s factory speed and rev governors, there are few things you can’t do with a Polaris RZR ECU tuner from Everything Polaris RZR!
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Stock Polaris RZR ECUs not only limit RPMs and top speeds, but they also inhibit the machine’s torque output. And if you’ve installed any aftermarket performance parts on your RZR, they’re likely not operating at their best. With a proper UTV tune, you can adjust fueling and throttle profiles to generate maximum power and torque, tinker with the spark timing for better performance with different grades of petroleum, and reduce or eliminate rev, speed, and torque limiters. Going from one type of terrain to another? No problem. With a Polaris RZR ECU Tuner, you can switch tunes on the fly without leaving the drivers’ seat. Simply choose the mode for your terrain and the tune instantly changes -- no need to undergo any ECM flashing! So if you’re ready to unleash the true power, speed, and torque of your Polaris RZR, it’s time to upgrade to a Polaris RZR ECU Tuner from Everything Polaris RZR!

Fine-tune your riding experience with ECU tuners from Everything Polaris RZR. Elevate your Polaris RZR engine with ECU tuners that will change the way you ride. Get a Reflash Fuel Tuner for Stage 5 Exhaust for your RZR XP 1000, a Handheld ECU Tuner for Stage 3 for your RZR XP Turbo, or a Pro Tuner for Stage 5 Exhaust for your RZR-S 1000. You can adjust your rev limit, drive wire and cooling fans with a top-quality ECU tuner that even saves multiple tunes. With easy-to-use, easy-to-install, touch screen options available, your machine will never run the same again. We provide the best brands in aftermarket UTV accessories like Trinity Racing and SuperATV so you can purchase the best parts for your rig. Don’t suffer through regular, factory-set performance anymore. Get ECU tuners for your side by side from Everything Polaris RZR.

As the brains of the operation, the ECU in your Polaris RZR can make or break a ride. Not even mentioning a broken ECU or an ECU that keeps throwing misfire codes, if everything isn’t managed correctly by the ECU and in perfect harmony, your RZR won’t be running at optimal levels. Everything from fuel mix ratios and mapping to firing spark plugs and injecting gasoline into the cylinders is controlled by the UTV’s ECU. And when it comes to altering the code of the ECU, you’ll need an ECU tuner to do it properly and on the fly. 

Sure you can get your ECU reflashed, but this is a one-time fix to an issue that is reoccurring. Plus, with an ECU tuner, you can exercise god-like control of your RZR, ridding it of those pesky RPM limiters and annoying seatbelt restrictions. No matter what type of machine you have, we’ve got the tuner for you. RZR 800 tuners, RZR 900 XP tuners, even RZR Turbo tuners, we’ve got an ECU tuner that will turn your low-IQ RZR into a bona fide Ivy-league RZR. ECU tuners are especially important if you’ve added an aftermarket accessory or two to your RZR. You can spend the big bucks on a high-performance exhaust and clutch kit combo, yet still leave performance on the table because the other components of your RZR weren’t tuned to match the specifications of your aftermarket parts. 

It’s a common occurrence for us when riding to hear an engine backfire. It’s usually not anyone in our crew, but when it is, the ECU is one of the first areas we check. A backfire is an explosion that occurs outside the engine, usually in the exhaust. When a side-by-side backfires, it means that the fuel is too lean, and didn’t ignite all the way in the engine. An ECU tuner such as an RZR 800 tuner or the RZR 900 XP tuner can easily fix this issue by richening up the fuel ratio. Tell the ECU to give er’ more giddy-up-and-go and you won’t backfire till the cows come home. 

These self-programmable ECU tuners for the Polaris RZR are great because many come with preloaded tunes that optimize for different functions and situations. You can also change the settings on the fly, so if you need a minor tweak or a big change, your RZR tuner will oblige. But things get a little more complicated when it comes to RZR Turbo tuners. The TD 4 stage ECU tuner for the RZR XP 1100 Turbo, for instance, unleashes anti-lag launch control, and ECU tuners also control a variety of other aspects of the turbo such as the turbo actuator -- which is a valve that takes exhaust from the turbo to control the speed and pressure of the turbo compressor and turbine within the turbo.

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