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ECU Tuners

As any married UTV rider will tell you, a happy wife leads to a happy life. And the same holds true for your Polaris RZR engine. A fine-tuned engine is a happy engine, especially if you’ve made changes to your stock machine. Added weight from aftermarket side-by-side accessories, a new clutching unit, and an aftermarket exhaust system will all affect the performance of your machine. But with the right ECU configuration, they don’t have to. Be it a slight engine tweak from a hand-held ECU programmer or an entire re-flash of the electronic control unit, top speeds, low-end torque, and countless other performance metrics can be optimized with a proper ECU programmer. Conduct vehicle diagnostics without the need to remove the ECU from your RZR, display, and log vehicle data channels in real time, and capture your ride history to improve future performance with a Polaris RZR ECU Tuner.

Stock Polaris RZR ECUs not only limit RPMs and top speeds, but they also inhibit the machine’s torque output. And if you’ve installed any aftermarket performance parts on your RZR, they’re likely not operating at their best. With a proper UTV tune, you can adjust fueling and throttle profiles to generate maximum power and torque, tinker with the spark timing for better performance with different grades of petroleum, and reduce or eliminate rev, speed, and torque limiters. Going from one type of terrain to another? No problem. With a Polaris RZR ECU Tuner, you can switch tunes on the fly without leaving the drivers’ seat. Simply choose the mode for your terrain and the tune instantly changes -- no need to undergo any ECM flashing! So if you’re ready to unleash the true power, speed, and torque of your Polaris RZR, it’s time to upgrade to a Polaris RZR ECU Tuner from Everything Polaris RZR!

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