Trinity Racing

Trinity Racing was established in 1978 and its headquarters is located in Huntington Beach, California. Over decades they have managed to consistently manufacture products that create horsepower for the off-road industry. Like so many others, they also started off as a small company creating few UTV aftermarket accessories here and there. Presently, their story is quite different, as they are now one of the largest UTV aftermarket brands manufacturing top quality exhaust systems and complementary components for the UTV industry, seen on a wide variety of UTVs, such as the Polaris RZR.

Over the years, they have manufactured UTV accessories such as tuners, exhaust, clutches & belts, big brake kits packing pillows, sensor plugs, long springs and more. Their custom products show signs of a new level of craftsmanship making them stand out above the competition. Some UTVs, like Polaris RZR enjoy these accessories as they give the rider a better experience during use.

Why do so many RZR riders trust Trinity Racing? Every rider out there wants whatever makes their experience superb, as a result, they search for the best means of upgrading their vehicles. Trinity Racing products offer such an experience with their amazing line of UTV accessories. Their Polaris RZR clutch kits for instance, is designed for the trail, mud, sand, and any other terrain. It also eliminates harsh engagement of clutches and belt slippage giving the rider a solid experience while driving along uneven terrains. UTV riders all around the globe get amazing experience when using UTV aftermarket accessories from Trinity Racing, and that is a testament showing that the quality is unmatched, and the durability is constant. Their team of experts pay attention to the current technology trends so as to make sure that Polaris RZR products are always the best choice for any rider.

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